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The Biosafety Information Centre is a website set up and managed by Third World Network.

The goals are to:

  • Increase knowledge on, and deepen understanding of, (w)holistic approaches for a comprehensive assessment of technologies and techniques that involve genetic engineering
  • Contribute to a wider public discussion and critical understanding of the scientific, ecological , social, economic and ethical dimensions of genetic engineering under the rubric of biosafety
  • Contribute to the enhancement of the biosafety capacity of policy makers and regulators in developing countries
  • Promote research (including the identification of gaps in knowledge) on biosafety
  • Promote research on, and implementation of, sustainable systems for agriculture, health and ecological integrity
  • Promote understanding of, and respect for, the rights, knowledge and practices of indigenous peoples and local communities
The Biosafety Information Centre offers two online services:

The Biosafety Information Service is an electronic mailing that covers topics listed in the Menu of our website. It provides a wide range of information related to biosafety; shares developments and experiences on biosafety policies, laws and practices as they evolve at the international, regional and national levels; and promotes the implementation of sustainable systems for agriculture, health and ecological integrity.

The objective of BIS is to provide a flow of information, particularly to policy makers, regulators, scientists, researchers and civil society organisations in developing countries so that informed decisions can be made on the basis of comprehensive and most up-to-date data and analysis.

The electronic mailings are also archived in the BIS section according to the topics listed in the Menu of our website.

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The Biosafety Info Update is a monthly electronic mailing. It provides a list of new postings published on our website over each month, to enable you to keep track of recent, updated or important information, news and analysis related to biosafety.

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Meetings: Since the development of biosafety science, laws, policies and practices is dynamic and evolving, there are crucial discussions and negotiations taking place at the international level , especially in fora and processes at the United Nations. These include meetings related to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety or conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organisation, the World Health Organisation and the World Trade Organisation.

There are also many meetings on the scientific foundations of genetic engineering, the ecological, human and socio-economic impacts of genetic engineering as well as the principles, models and practices of sustainable systems.

Thus our website will provide information, reports and analysis of selected meetings that cover this range of issues. Critical meetings at the regional and national level will also be covered, where possible and feasible. Related readings of relevance and importance to the subject matter of the meetings are also posted.

Publications on genetic engineering, biosafety and related issues that are published or co-published by Third World Network (TWN) are posted on our website. These are available for online purchase at the TWN website.

TWN is an independent non-profit international network of organizations and individuals involved in issues relating to sustainable development, the South and North- South relations.

Its objective is to promote the interests and perspectives of the South by conducting research on economic, social and environmental issues pertaining to the South; publishing books and periodicals; organising and participating in meetings; and providing a platform to broadly represent Southern interests and perspectives at international fora and processes such as the United Nations.

TWN's International Secretariat is in Penang (Malaysia) with offices in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Geneva (Switzerland).
There are researchers based in Beijing, Delhi, Jakarta, Manila and New York. The Latin America Regional Secretariat is located in Montevideo (Uruguay) and the African Regional Secretariat is in Accra (Ghana).
For more information on the issues of concern to TWN, please visit

Biosafety Information Centre contact:

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