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  International Conference on Modern Biotechnologies: Sustainable Innovation and Regulatory Needs
November 07, 2012 to November 10, 2012
Venue: Penang, Malaysia


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International conference on Modern Biotechnologies: Sustainable innovation and regulatory needs

Penang, Malaysia 7-10 November 2012

The international conference on Modern Biotechnologies: Sustainable innovation and regulatory needs will be taking place on the beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia 7-10 November 2012. The conference is a GenØk conference organized in partnership with Third World Network and is funded by grants from the ministry of foreign affairs / NORAD (Norwegian Agency for Developmental Cooperation).

The conference aims to focus on three key interrelated questions:    


1.     Do current regulations sufficiently address the novel aspects of existing and emerging modern biotechnologies (new classes of GMOs, synthetic biology and nano-biotechnology)?

2.     What specific measures would be required to meet any deficiencies identified to achieve sustainable innovation?


Are there specific regional issues, which need to be addressed in this context, and if so, how?

The conference will bring key figures in science and regulatory bodies together to discuss challenges, uncertainties and sustainability of new and upcoming techniques of modern biotechnologies, new products thereof and implications for current legislation / regulation. Arenas for open and dynamic discussions on these very important and imminent questions are essential for ensuring that science is directed to meet societal needs. An intended outcome of the conference is to formulate practical initiatives in response to the key questions.


Full sponsorship will be given to up to 40 selected applicants from developing countries (defined as nations receiving official development assistance, ODA – see list here). The sponsorship will cover curricular materials, course-associated travel, visa-fees, accommodation and meals.


Sponsored participants will have to submit an abstract or a description of their role as regulator/NGO related to the topic of the conference (see guidelines here), max. 250 words.

Deadline to submit application, abstract/description and CV: 1 July 2012. Apply online for sponsorship or download application form (word-file) for sponsorship from our website

Self-financed participants

This conference is open to all. The conference fee is USD $200. This includes conference material, lunches/refreshments, and the conference dinner. The fee does not include travel and accommodation. Deadline for registration: 1 October 2012. Payment is due 14 days after registration has been confirmed by GenØk. Payment should be made in USD.

For more information about the conference go to:




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