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  FAQs on Genetic Engineering
Author: Mae-Wan Ho
Publisher: TWN/ISIS
» Read details ...
  Use and Abuse of the Precautionary Principle
Author: Peter Saunders
Publisher: TWN/ISIS
» Read details ...
  Slipping through the Regulatory Net: 'Naked' and 'Free' Nucleic Acids
Author: M W Ho, A Ryan, J Cummins, T Traavik
Publisher: TWN
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  Horizontal Gene Transfer - The Hidden Hazards of GE
Author: Mae-Wan Ho
Publisher: TWN
» Read details ...
  Fatal Flaws in Food Safety Assessment: Critique of the Joint FAO/WHO Biotechnology & Food Safety Report
Author: Mae-Wan Ho & Ricarda Steinbrecher
Publisher: Third World Network
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  Emerging Technologies: Genetic Engineering and Biological Weapons
Publisher: The Sunshine Project and Third World Network
» Read details ...
  Living with the Fluid Genome
Author: Mae-Wan Ho
Publisher: Third World Network & Institute of Science in Society
» Read details ...
  An Introduction to Biological Weapons, their Prohibition, and the Relationship to Biosafety
Author: A report by Sunshine Project
Publisher: Third World Network and the Sunshine Project
» Read details ...
  Model National Biosafety Law
Author: Gurdial Singh Nijar
Publisher: Third World Network
» Read details ...
  Genetic Engineering: Dream or Nightmare
Author: Mae-Wan Ho
Publisher: Third World Network
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No benefit to imminent release of risky GM mosquitoes in Burkina Faso
Release of Risky GM Mosquitoes in Burkina Faso Highly Unethical
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