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  Posting date: April 23, 2018
GE Trees Will Aggravate, Not Solve, Forest Health Problems
This article discusses attempts to promote forest health in the US with genetically engineered trees, warning of the potentially irreversible impacts on forest ecosystems and the communities they support.
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  Posting date: August 04, 2015
GE Trees: A Looming Threat Over Native Forests
This article updates on GE trees developments worldwide and warns of the risk of GE trees, including GMO contamination spreading from GE trees into native forests, which would be irreversible.
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  Posting date: December 30, 2013
Concerns Raised as U.S. Considers Approving Genetically Engineered Forests
The Center for Food Safety flags the need for caution as the U.S. Department of Agriculture considers approving the unrestricted planting of the country’s first genetically engineered forest tree.
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  Posting date: June 04, 2013
Urged to Reject Genetically Engineered Trees
Consumer advocates and environmentalists highlight concerns over the US government's pending approval of a genetically modified eucalyptus tree.
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  Posting date: April 09, 2012
GJEP Releases New Report: Analysis of the State of GE Trees and Advanced Bioenergy
This report examines the current status of GE trees and their potential use as a bioenergy feedstock.
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  Posting date: August 02, 2011
GM Grass Too Risky and Not Necessary
Economic benefits generated by the use of GM grasses could be gained with using a less controversial non-GM technique.
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  Posting date: June 17, 2008
GE Trees: Why Biocontainment Won't Work
Scientific evidence suggests that biocontainment will not work to prevent the genes from GE trees from escaping.
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  Posting date: January 29, 2008
Transgenic Trees
A briefing highlighting the issues surrounding transgenic trees.
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  Posting date: September 06, 2007
GE Trees Threaten Ecosystem Collapse
GE trees are gaining popularity in many countries for purposes such as to address deforestation or for biofuel. But some scientists and environmentalist have serious ecological and safety concerns.
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  Posting date: January 18, 2007
Submission to the Convention on Biological Diversity to Consider the Impact of GE Trees
A submission by Greenpeace to the Convention on Biological Diversity to consider and assess the potential environmental, cultural, and socio-economic impacts of genetically modified trees on forest biological diversity
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