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  Posting date: August 13, 2009
Contaminated Crops, Threatened Cultures
A report to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous peoples and the threat posed by the Colombian government's policies and practices concerning GMOs.
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  Posting date: February 15, 2006
Caring for Life: Genetics, Agriculture and Human Life
This is a discussion-document by the Working Group on Genetic Engineering of the Justice, Peace and Creation Team of the World Council of Churches. It discusses the implications of genetic engineering on human life and agriculture.
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  Posting date: January 19, 2006
Ethics and Genetic Engineering
Fr Sean McDonagh of the Columban Missionary writes on the ethical and moral aspects of genetic engineering. He is critical of the corporate powers which continue to push GM food despite evidence that such food could have health impacts.
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  Posting date: August 08, 2005
Socio-Cultural Aspects of Native Maize Diversity
This paper was submitted to the Secretariat of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation of North America as part of the Article 13 initative on Maize and Biodiversity: the Effects of Transgenic Maize in Mexico.
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  Posting date: July 22, 2004
Towards a New Ethics of Science
In this article, the author examines the social control of science, the nature of the science driving genetic engineering, and the relationship of science to society. She argues that there is an urgent need to reinstate independent science, and to define
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