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  Posting date: December 31, 2018
India’s Swaminathan Criticises GM Crops as Highly Unsustainable
In a recently published journal article, M.S. Swaminathan - Father of the Green Revolution in India - criticises GM crops as highly unsustainable.
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  Posting date: April 06, 2016
Why the Philippine Supreme Court Ruled Against Bt Eggplant
In 2015, the Philippine Supreme Court permanently stopped the field testing of Bt eggplant in the country, citing inadequacies in the risk assessment and public consultation processes and invoking the Precautionary Principle.
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  Posting date: December 18, 2015
Philippine Supreme Court Orders Permanent Ban on Bt Brinjal Field Trials
The Philippine Supreme Court has upheld a decision in permanently stopping field trials for genetically modified Bt talong (Bt brinjal) in the country, citing a lack of scientific consensus on the safety of the food crop.
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  Posting date: December 13, 2013
International Civil Society Statement of Concern on the Commercialization of Bt Brinjal
One hundred civil society organizations from around the world have written to the authorities in Bangladesh, urging them to suspend the planned commercialization of Bt brinjal in the country.
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  Posting date: July 24, 2013
India’s Supreme Court Expert Committee Recommends Indefinite Moratorium on GE Field Trials
The Indian Supreme Court Technical Expert Committee has recommended an indefinite moratorium on field trials of GE crops until the government comes out with a proper regulatory and safety mechanism.
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  Posting date: October 30, 2012
Indian Supreme Court Scientific Panel Recommends Moratorium on GM crops
The Scientific Panel set up by the Indian Supreme Court has unanimously recommended a moratorium on field trials of GM crops in the country, as a result of a public interest petition filed by civil society seeking a ban on GM crops.
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  Posting date: October 11, 2012
Asian Communities Press for Biosafety and Corporate Accountability
While new technologies are being rapidly deployed in food and farms all over Asia, the law and policy regimes to ensure that they do not endanger life and biodiversity are still far from fully in place.
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  Posting date: April 06, 2010
Moratorium on Bt Brinjal in India
On 9 February 2010, Jairam Ramesh, India’s Minister of Environment, announced his decision to put the commercialization of Bt brinjal on hold.
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  Posting date: April 06, 2010
India Decides to Go Slow on the Introduction of GM Food Crops
India s Environment Ministry has blocked commercial cultivation of the world s first genetically engineered eggplant (brinjal).
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  Posting date: May 03, 2007
Landmark law bans GMOs in Negros, the Philippines
The Negros Occidental Sangguniang Panlalawigan in the Philippins passed a landmark legislation that bans the entry of GM plants and animals in the province and imposes penalties for its violation.
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