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  Posting date: May 23, 2014
South Africa’s Inequitable and GM Contaminated Bread Industry
This report shows that white bread in South Africa contains high levels of Monsanto’s GM soya and that most companies there are flouting GM labelling laws and undermining the consumer’s right to know.
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  Posting date: October 17, 2012
New Genetically Engineered Food Labeling Laws Map
This new, interactive GE Food Labeling Laws map details the growing presence of laws requiring information on GE content in consumer food products around the world.
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  Posting date: December 09, 2011
Will the US Push for Non-Labelling of GMOs in Trade Pact?
The US is likely to push countries in the TPP to not require labelling of GMOs.
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  Posting date: December 09, 2011
Right to GMO-Free Food and Free Trade
Will losing the right to choose GM free food be a price of the next and biggest free trade deal?
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  Posting date: October 18, 2011
US Groups File Petition to Insist on Labelling of GE Foods
The Center for Food Safety backed by hundreds of consumer, farming and health organizations, calls for mandatory labeling of GE foods.
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  Posting date: July 06, 2011
Consumer Rights Victory as Countries Agree on GM Labelling Guidelines
Regulators from more than 100 countries agreed on long overdue guidance on the labelling of GM food.
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  Posting date: July 02, 2007
The theory and practice of European traceability regulations for genetically modified food and feed
Due to demand from the European people, the European Community has responded by providing a complex set of EC Regulations on GMO traceability, detection and labelling, to provide information to the public about the food they are eating
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  Posting date: February 27, 2007
What is the future of GMO detection? A freely speaking scientist 's opinion
An interview with Dr. Arne Holst-Jensen, Norwegian researcher and expert for GMO detection methods on the future of GMO detection.
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  Posting date: August 16, 2005
Tackling GMO Contamination
This report examines several cases of GMO contamination and describes the current experience with segregation and Identity Preservation systems in North America.
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  Posting date: July 31, 2005
GM in Corn Demonstrating Vulnerability of Food Chain
The discovery of GM corn in New Zealand shows how vulnerable the food chain is to contamination, according to Jack Heinemann of the New Zealand Institute of Gene Ecology.
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