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  Posting date: February 11, 2019
How Community-Based Biodiversity-Friendly Farming Can Stem Biodiversity Loss
338 community-based solutions from over 75 countries showcase biodiversity-friendly farming approaches that work on the ground and provide valuable lessons for the global policy frameworks needed to stem biodiversity loss and to farm more sustainably.
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  Posting date: February 09, 2019
Towards a Common Food Policy for the EU
This report maps out a single, time-bound vision for reforming European food systems, realigning various sectoral policies affecting food production, processing, distribution, and consumption, and refocusing actions on the transition to sustainability.
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  Posting date: January 28, 2019
Farmers in “Schools Without Walls” Learn to Increase Harvest
In the DRC, farmers sharing knowledge and experience in farmer field schools has led to increased productivity.
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  Posting date: December 31, 2018
Diversified Traditional Food Systems Can Overcome Malnutrition in India
Traditional knowledge together with developments in agroecology, with their diverse systems of resource governance, knowledge, innovation, distribution and access, can overcome widespread malnutrition in India.
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  Posting date: December 31, 2018
Agroecological Innovation to Transform Agriculture and Achieve Food Sovereignty
This paper provides policy recommendations to create an enabling environment to unlock the transformative power of agroecology and its innovations and practices, in the achievement of food sovereignty and sustainable agriculture and food systems.
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  Posting date: December 28, 2018
French Study Finds Lower Cancer Risk Among High Organic Food Consumers
A study of 68,946 French adults found a 25% lower overall cancer risk among those consuming organic food most regularly compared to those who reported very little or no consumption of organic food.
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  Posting date: December 27, 2018
Agroecology Shows Full Potential to Deliver Sustainable Food Systems
There is strong evidence of agroecology’s potential to deliver sustainable food systems by increasing farmers’ economic viability and income, farm productivity and diversity, food/nutritional security, and promoting social change and women’s empowerment.
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  Posting date: December 24, 2018
The Future of Agriculture: New technologies or Agroecology?
This article discusses the battle for the future of agriculture: artificial food produced by robots and corporations that put profits before people, or one where agroecological innovations nourish our communities in a fair and sustainable way.
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  Posting date: December 18, 2018
The Potential of Agroecology to Transform the Global Food System
This publication on agroecology features its many successes as a road map for a socially and ecologically sustainable transformation of agriculture and provides pathways to overcome the political obstacles to its broad-scale implementation.
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  Posting date: December 12, 2018
Farmer-Managed Seed Systems Play Crucial Role in Africa
Farmer-managed seed systems play a crucial role in Africa and small-scale farmers are the real custodians of seed on the continent.
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