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  Posting date: May 03, 2007
Another View on Bt Proteins - How Specific are They and What Else Might They Do?
A useful source on the existing and missing research on the safety of Bt crops, especially on how Bt toxins might affect non-target organisms.
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  Posting date: November 10, 2006
Genetic Engineering and Omitted Health Research
This paper identifies some of the putative health hazards related to genetically engineered plants used as food or feed. It also identifies numerous areas of omitted research, which need urgent investigation.
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  Posting date: January 02, 2006
An assessment on potential long-term health effects caused by antibiotic resistance marker genes in genetically modified organisms based on antibiotic usage and resistance patterns in Norway
This is a report from an Ad Hoc Group appointed by the Norwegian Scientific Panel on GMOs and Panel on Biological Hazards which assesses the potential long-term health effects caused by antibiotic resistance marker genes in GMOs
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  Posting date: March 14, 2005
Risk Assessment of GMO Products in the EU
An Austrian study that provides a detailed review of a number of applications submitted and approved at the European level, and which are still contested by a number of member states in the EU.
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  Posting date: March 01, 2005
Genetically Engineered Crop Health Impacts
This review assesses the gap analysis involving the health safety of GM foods. It analyses the gaps in the U.S. GE foods “regulatory” system, the glaring inadequacies of the testing regimes as practiced; and looks into Bt corn as a case study.
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  Posting date: June 15, 2004
Lack of Scientific Credibility of GM Food Safety Tests
Ann Clark of Guelph University talks about the lack of scientific credibility in the biotechnology industry's claims about the safety of GMOs and the need for more and better testing of GM food and crops based on sound science.
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