Agroecology Essential for a Robust Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework

By integrating agroecological principles, the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework will be more robust in considering threats to biodiversity, people’s needs and identifying tools and solutions in support of the 2050 vision of ‘Living in harmony with nature’. […]

Glyphosate-resistant Weed from the US Invades Japan through GM Grain Imports

A glyphosate-resistant weed has naturalized in Japan less than 10 years after it was first discovered in the US, the largest exporter of GM glyphosate-resistant grain to Japan, providing evidence that GM crop imports can be a pathway for spread of problematic weed species. […]

First Open Source Detection Test for A Gene-Edited Crop

The first-ever detection method for a commercialised GM rapeseed/canola developed with gene editing has been published and is now open source, allowing regulators, food companies, retailers, certification bodies and national food safety inspectors to detect this gene edited crop. […]

How Power Politics Created a False Success Story of Burkina Faso’s GM Cotton

This study shows how power and undue influence by Monsanto shaped a false success story of GM cotton in Burkina Faso, by inflating benefits and hiding differential impacts and inequalities among small farmers. […]

Farmer-based Agroecology: A Societal Transformation of Food and Agriculture

Farmer-based agroecology is an essential part of a global process of change combining ecological and social justice and emancipation, and in which farmers and citizens are fully involved at all levels. […]

GM Canola Persists 20 years after Field Trials Ended in Tasmania

A timeline of yearly audits conducted by the Tasmanian government reveals that despite ending field trials of GM canola two decades ago, it has persisted in the environment, with some trial sites still reporting the presence of volunteer canola plants. […]

Organic Diets Can Rapidly Reduce Glyphosate Levels in the Body

This study demonstrates that diet is a primary source of glyphosate exposure and that shifting to an organic diet is a fast and effective way to reduce glyphosate levels in both adults and children. […]

Glyphosate-based Herbicides Cause Unintended Effects Even in Glyphosate-Tolerant Soy

Glyphosate-based herbicides can adversely affect the physiological processes of plants, even those genetically modified to be tolerant to them, and more so in GM stacked varieties. […]

Accelerated Transformation of Our Food Systems Needed Now

A new book describes major highlights and trends in our agri-food systems over the last decade. Fundamental transformation is urgently needed to withstand the enormous challenges, and agroecology is the emerging and integrating answer to new challenges. […]

Time to Abandon Failing Green Revolution

It is time for African governments to step back from the failing Green Revolution and chart a new food system that respects local cultures and communities by promoting low-cost, low-input ecological agriculture. […]