New Evidence Shows Unintended Changes from Gene Editing are Different from Random Mutations

Using a new method of data evaluation, this study shows that unintentional changes from the use of CRISPR/Cas ‘gene scissors’ are different from random mutations and could present risks. […]

Resilient, People-Centred Food Systems to Counter the Global Food Crisis

Establishing more ecologically sound food production systems such as agroecology, reducing reliance on long-distance food trade, and curbing corporate power in the food system will make food systems more resilient and less vulnerable to the broader polycrisis. […]

Agroecology and Organic Agriculture Boost Productivity and Profitability

This dossier demonstrates the potential of agroecology and organic agriculture to boost productivity and profitability while generating a range of other co-benefits. […]

Gene Drives Not a Viable Route to Conservation

As there are currently no adequate scientific means to assess the evolutionary impacts of gene drives over time and space and given the risk of irreparable harm, the environmental release of gene drives should not be viewed as viable for biodiversity conservation. […]

New Agroecological Designs to Improve Crop Productivity and Resilience

In a planet under polycrisis, the challenge is to transition from agroecosystems based on external inputs to one dependent on ecological processes – such as agroecology, which can improve crop productivity and resilience. […]

Risks and Governance Challenges of Gene Drive Organisms

Gene drive organisms are characterized by a significant depth of intervention. Therefore, there is a need to broaden the social and political debate over them rather than considering them as an incremental innovation of first-generation GMOs. […]

Stopping the Transgene-Facilitated Herbicide Treadmill

The US experience with GM dicamba-resistant crops should serve as a cautionary tale when evaluating the next agrotechnology for weeds and makes a good case for adopting diversified cropping systems instead. […]

Mexico Defends Its Restrictions on US GM Corn with Science

Mexico has presented hundreds of academic studies that show cause for concern about human health and the threat to native corn diversity, in defense of its restrictions on GM corn from the US. […]

CBD: Discussions on Multidisciplinary Assessments of Synthetic Biology Falter

Discussions on synthetic biology at the CBD have hit major roadblocks, with the continuation of the process for broad and regular horizon scanning, monitoring and assessment of synthetic biology in jeopardy. […]

Improving Traceability to Prevent Unauthorised GMOs in the EU

As traceability can complement detection and identification strategies, improvements to the existing traceability strategy for GMOs in the EU are investigated in this study. […]