Regulatory Elements to Phase-out Pesticides Based on Human Rights Obligations

This paper provides an initial set of elements for regulatory processes, based on states’ human rights obligations, to ban Highly Hazardous Pesticides (HHPs), phase out other pesticides and transition to agroecology. […]

Patents on New Genetic Engineering Applications in Plants

This report discusses the increasing number of patent applications being filed and granted in Europe on new genetic engineering technologies in plants. […]

Environmental Risk Assessment of Genome-Edited Plants

Environmental risk assessment of genome-edited plants should include considerations related to the traits developed by genome editing and considerations addressing the assessment of method-related unintended effects. […]

Pocket Guide to Support Effective Access to Information and Public Participation Regarding LMOs/GMOs

This pocket guide seeks to help Parties to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety and Aarhus Convention and other stakeholders strengthen their capacities for effective access to information and public participation in decision-making processes regarding LMOs/GMOs. […]

Analysis and proposals for Target 17 of the First Draft of the post-2020 GBF

TWN’s analysis and proposals for Target 17 of the Global Biodiversity Framework, which addresses the issue of biosafety. […]

Seven Calls to Transform Food Systems

Seven calls to action for a transition towards more sustainable food systems by addressing the critical underlying structures that hold back much-needed food systems transformation. […]

Glyphosate a Threat to Insects by Harming Their Symbiotic Bacterial Partners

Glyphosate has been found to inhibit symbiotic bacteria of the grain beetle, demonstrating that the herbicide, used widely with GM crops, has the potential to harm insects indirectly by destroying vital symbiotic relationships between insects and microorganisms. […]

Applied Pesticide Toxicity Increasing in the US, Even in GM Crops

A recent study shows that contrary to claims of reduced environmental impacts of pesticide use, the toxic impact of pesticides has increased in the US, and that GM crops are no better than conventional non-GM crops in this regard. […]

Gene-Edited Waxy Corn May Pave Way for Further Genome Edited Crops

Release of Corteva’s gene-edited waxy corn without the risk assessments and regulations required of GM crops raises serious concerns and could pave the way for future introduction of genome edited crops. […]

Agroecological Family Farm Initiatives Built Food Resilience During Covid-19 in Latin America

In Latin America, family farming initiatives and the agroecology movement contributed organizational and capacity development among producers and consumers during the Covid-19 pandemic, highlighting the key role played by local food systems and value chains, and the need to strengthen them through public policies. […]