Risks from Plants Produced with New Genomic Techniques More Complex than Anticipated

New genomic techniques (NGT) can cause unintended genetic changes, thereby carrying higher risks than earlier assumed. […]

European Scientists Say Exemption of New GM Plants from Regulation is Unscientific and Unsafe

The proposal to exempt most ‘new’ GM plants from regulation lacks scientific basis and risks citizens’ safety and should be rejected, according to the European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility. […]

GE Soil Microbes New Target for Agrichemical Companies

This report explains the potential risks of genetically engineered soil microbes and provides policy recommendations for their oversight as they move from the lab to the field. […]

Traditional Corn in NE Brazil Contaminated by Transgenes

A new study has found that more than a third of over 1,000 traditional corn samples collected in the semiarid region of northeast Brazil are contaminated with transgenes. […]

Diversification in Rice Farming Increases Yields, Biodiversity and Incomes

Agricultural diversification in rice production can enhance rice economy, biodiversity and pest control while maintaining soil fertility, nutrient cycling, carbon sequestration and yield. […]

Bt Cotton Yields in Karnataka Stagnate Due to Pest Pressure

This study on Bt cotton farms in Karnataka found that yield sensitivity to pest pressure increased in the second decade of adoption, resulting in losses in some years. […]

GM Bt crops losing effectiveness as insect resistance to Bt toxins increases

GM Bt crops are losing their effectiveness as pest resistance to the Bt toxin insecticides has increased. […]

Agricultural Biodiversity Indispensable for a Just Agroecological Transition

This briefing highlights the pivotal role of agricultural biodiversity as integral to agroecology and just transitions in food and agricultural systems. […]

GM Fall Armyworm to the Rescue of GM Corn?

Since 2021, GM fall armyworm larvae have been released in field trials, in Bt corn fields in Brazil. This strategy attempts to overcome the development of insect resistance to Bt toxins. […]

Benefits of Community-Based Natural Farming Surpass that of Conventional Systems

True cost accounting study of the Andhra Pradesh Community-Managed Natural Farming system finds that it led to greater economic, environmental, social and health benefits than conventional systems. […]