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Section: Biosafety Science Date: Mar 20, 2018
 Corporate-Driven Campaign to Undermine the International Agency for Research on Cancer
This commentary describes how those with economic interests are challenging IARC's cancer evaluations, including for glyphosate, the herbicide widely used in conjunction with GM herbicide-resistant crops, jeopardizing an important public health service.
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Section: Biosafety Science Date: Feb 28, 2018
 Genome Editing: Legal Expert Criticises Opinion of Attorney General of the EuCJ
New legal opinion states that new methods of genetic engineering such as genome editing must be regulated under the current EU Directive 2001/18.
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Section: Biosafety Science Date: Feb 26, 2018
 Movements of Millions Say No to Gene Drives as Brazil Attempts to Legalize Genetic Extinction Technology
The largest rural movements in Brazil, representing well over a million farmers, are protesting a new Brazilian regulation that would allow release of gene drives, the controversial genetic extinction technology, into Brazil’s ecosystems and farms.
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Section: Agriculture / Organisms Date: Feb 12, 2018
 No Benefit to Imminent Release of Risky GM Mosquitoes in Burkina Faso
GM “male-sterile” mosquitoes are due to be released in Burkina Faso this year by Target Malaria, despite the admission that there are no benefits of this release for malaria control.
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Section: Traits in Agriculture Date: Feb 09, 2018
 Golden Rice 2 Carries High Likelihood of Risks Without Substantial Benefits
An evaluation of the risk assessment for IRRI's application for food import of Golden Rice 2 in Australia and New Zealand finds flawed data, failure to show any substantial benefits, and a high likelihood of risks.
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Section: Sustainable Systems Date: Feb 01, 2018
 Questioning the Food and Farming Research Agenda
This collection of articles addresses key questions about how the research agenda is set in food and farming, unmasking and challenging the dominant research paradigm, and highlighting inclusive alternatives to deliver public good.
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Section: Sustainable Systems Date: Jan 25, 2018
 Organic Agriculture Yields Several Health Benefits
There are several human health benefits associated with organic food production. The wider use of organic methods in conventional agriculture would therefore benefit human health, especially in reducing the levels of exposure to pesticides and antibiotic-
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Section: Assessment & Impacts Date: Jan 23, 2018
 Toxic Formulants and Heavy Metals in Glyphosate-based Herbicides
Formulations of glyphosate-based herbicides are found to be much more toxic on both plants and human cells than glyphosate alone. Toxic heavy metals such as arsenic are also found in these herbicides.
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Section: Assessment & Impacts Date: Jan 19, 2018
 GM Crops Drive Increased Pesticide Use in Brazil
The adoption of GM crops in Brazil has led to an increase in pesticide use with possible increases in environmental and human exposure and associated negative impacts.
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No benefit to imminent release of risky GM mosquitoes in Burkina Faso

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  1) Campaign To Stop Smallpox Genetic Engineering
Date: January 28, 2014
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Date: May 28, 2014

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