Few GMOs Using New Genomic Techniques Actually Reach the Market

Based on the US experience where few GMOs produced from new techniques have been commercialized, it is unlikely that Europe, even if it deregulates such GMOs, will avail itself of new products as promised by their backers. […]

Gene-edited Crops and Animals: Hype or Reality?

Gene edited crops and animals appear characterized by incomplete science and a reckless boom-and-bust business model – hardly the answer to ensuring food security. […]

Genetically Engineered Clothes Threaten Farmers’ Livelihoods and Ecosystems

The commercial expansion of GE textiles made by synthetic biology could undermine farmers, create a new source of biotech waste, put additional pressure on ecosystems, and divert support away from truly sustainable natural fibre economies. […]

European Commission Has Legal Obligation to Block Bayer-Monsanto Merger, Says Study

A new legal study concludes that the European Commission has a legal obligation to reject the proposed Bayer-Monsanto merger, whether viewed through a narrow competition lens or a wider scope of social and environmental costs. […]

Bayer-Monsanto Merger: An Existential Threat to South Africa’s Food System

This paper outlines the proposed Bayer-Monsanto merger in the context of other related mega-mergers in the seed and agro-chemicals sectors, and the problems for the food system in South Africa, particularly for smallholder farmers and ag-biodiversity. […]

Mega-Mergers Will Put Three Companies in Control of Global Agriculture

Mega-mergers between agri-corporate giants are poised to put three companies in control of most of the world’s agrochemicals and seeds, threatening the survival of smallholder farmers. […]

News Release: Groups call on Ecover and Method to drop extreme genetic engineering plans

National and international consumer, environmental, women’s health and farming groups call on leading “natural” cleaning and personal care products manufacturer to cancel plans to use oils and other ingredients derived from synthetic biology. […]

Future GE Developments Remain Risky

This report examines future developments in agro-biotechnology and genetic engineering and warns, with supporting evidence, that these technologies are complex, failure-prone and linked to uncertainties and risks. […]

Reports Show Corporate Control Entrenched in Global Food Chain

Two reports illustrate the overwhelming extent of corporate control over food and agriculture and provide evidence to show the inability of this dominant industrial model to feed a world in (climate) crisis. […]

Gene Giants Seek “Philanthrogopoly”

A new report by the ETC Group exposes how six multinational biotechnology companies control agriculture research globally, and what they seek to do to placate anti-trust regulators and soften opposition to GMOs. […]