Genetically Engineered Food: An Overview

This report assesses the US experience with genetically engineered crops and concludes that these crops have not lived up to expectations. […]

Conflict of Interest and Results of Studies on GMOs

This study in the journal Food Policy concludes that financial or professional conflict of interest influences the outcome of articles published in peer-reviewed journals on GMOs. […]

HEAVY HANDS – Monsanto’s Control in South Africa

Activists submitted this report to the Competition Commission to request for an investigation into Monsanto’s extraordinary market power in South Africa. […]

The New Biomassters

Under the pretext of addressing environmental degradation, climate change and the energy and food crises, industry is portending a “New Bioeconomy” and the replacement of fossil carbon with living matter, now labeled “biomass.” […]

Herbicide Resistant Plants Trigger ‘Arms Race’ Among Chemical Companies

Chemical companies are racing to develop new GM crops or to use old herbicides to attack weeds that are increasingly immune to herbicides. […]

Biotech “No Sure Fix” for Nitrogen Fertiliser Pollution Problem

Biotechnology lags behind traditional breeding and other methods in producing crops that have shown improved efficiency in nitrogen use, in order to address the problem of nitrogen fertiliser pollution. […]

Patents, Climate Change and African Agriculture

This report exposes the patents and players involved in appropriating key African food crops to produce GM climate crops. […]

GM Crops 10 years on

A decade ago there was much hope and hype about the potentials of GM crops. The reality, thus far, is a more complex and mixed story. […]

South Africa Facing a Tsunami of Risky GMOs

A wave of new GMOs are expected to flood the South African market during 2009. Biotech backers, such as the Bill Gates Foundation, are also bringing new GM crops onto the South African scene. […]

Corporate candyland – The looming GM sugar cane invasion

GM sugar cane is fast taking over soya production in the southern cone of Latin America. This report looks at the intersection between the development of GM sugar cane and transformations in the global sugar industry. […]