Pests Surviving Vip3A Toxin in Bt Corn and Bt Cotton in the US

Entomologists across the South of the USA are reporting increased feeding and survival of the corn earworm/cotton bollworm in Bt corn and cotton fields expressing the Vip3A protein, once believed to be the final Bt stronghold against the pest. […]

Efficacy of Bt Pyramided Crops in Question

Studies are showing that insect resistance development can occur with pyramided Bt crops, diminishing their efficacy. […]

Questionable Claims of Bt Efficacy Against the Fall Armyworm in Africa

Questions arise over claims made by the Water Efficient Maize for Africa Project that Bt maize is a solution to combat the fall armyworm pest. Instead, African governments are called to implement sustainable agroecological strategies to deal with the pest […]

Monsanto Puts Off Introduction of Second Generation Bt Soybean in the US

Monsanto has indefinitely cancelled its plans to introduce Intacta 2 Xtend, its second generation Bt soybean, in the U.S., most likely due to indications of insect resistance to the Bt proteins in the new product. […]

Pink Bollworm Resistance to Bt Cotton in India

Severe pink bollworm infestation has swept through the cotton-growing states of India due to evolved resistance to GM Bt cotton, which covers 90% of Indian cotton land. […]

Increasing Bollworm Resistance Found in Bt Cotton Belt of Texas

Cotton farmers across Texas are expected to face a growing bollworm problem this season with up to 40% crop losses reported last year due to increasing resistance of the bollworm to Bt cotton and Bt corn being grown in the southern states of the US. […]

Cases of Pest Resistance to Bt Crops Increased Five-fold From 2005-2016

A study analyzing global patterns of field-evolved resistance to Bt crops over the last two decades has found that the number of cases of pest resistance to Bt proteins increased from 3 in 2005 to 16 in 2016. […]

The Fall of GM Cotton in India

A report explores the rise and fall of GM cotton in India as more Indian farmers return to organic cotton. Worldwide, GM cotton farmers are struggling with increased pesticide use to deal with the emergence of pest resistance and secondary pests. […]

Bt Toxins in GM Crops More Toxic Than Natural Bt Toxins

A peer-reviewed analysis comparing GMO and natural Bt proteins has found clear differences between the two, and that the process of inserting Bt toxins into crops causes them to be more toxic and active against many more species. […]

Companies Admit Failure of Cry1F (Bt) Gene to Control the Western Bean Cutworm

In an unprecedented move, DuPont Pioneer has changed its marketing language to state that Cry1F, the Herculex I Bt trait, no longer protects corn against the western bean cutworm. Dow AgroSciences is following suit. […]