The Fall of GM Cotton in India

A report explores the rise and fall of GM cotton in India as more Indian farmers return to organic cotton. Worldwide, GM cotton farmers are struggling with increased pesticide use to deal with the emergence of pest resistance and secondary pests. […]

Bt Toxins in GM Crops More Toxic Than Natural Bt Toxins

A peer-reviewed analysis comparing GMO and natural Bt proteins has found clear differences between the two, and that the process of inserting Bt toxins into crops causes them to be more toxic and active against many more species. […]

Companies Admit Failure of Cry1F (Bt) Gene to Control the Western Bean Cutworm

In an unprecedented move, DuPont Pioneer has changed its marketing language to state that Cry1F, the Herculex I Bt trait, no longer protects corn against the western bean cutworm. Dow AgroSciences is following suit. […]

Bt Cotton Being Field-Trialled in Swaziland Despite Poor Performance in Africa

Bt cotton is being field-trialled in Swaziland in spite of its poor performance in Burkino Faso and South Africa. Civil society is calling for a return to ecological cotton production which is proving successful in West Africa. […]

Chinese Farmers Discontented with Bt Cotton After 15 Years

This study appraises farmers’ practices, performance and opinions 15 years after the commercial release of Bt cotton in northern China. It finds that farmers are discontented with their low returns and struggling with secondary pests. […]

Hard Lessons from 15 Years of Bt Cotton in India

After 15 years of cultivation, India’s foray into Bt cotton holds clear precautionary lessons relating to GE crops, and highlights the need to protect and conserve traditional crop varieties. […]

Pesticides in Bt Cotton Cultivation Still A Health Hazard to Farm Workers

While Bt cotton cultivation may have educed the quantity of highly toxic pesticides used in India, the continued use of pesticides on Bt cotton farms still poses significant health risks to farm workers. […]

Corn Earworm Develops Resistance to Multiple Bt Toxins

A new study has found field-evolved resistance in a major corn pest to multiple Bt toxins in the U.S, showing up the failings of Bt crops. […]

U.S. Entomologists Call on Seed Industry to Admit Failings of GM Herculex Corn

Six US entomologists have written an open letter to seed companies asking them to change their marketing claims and label language to reflect the widespread failure of Cry1F (Herculex I) trait in controlling the western bean cutworm. […]

More Research Needed on the Effects of Bt Crops on Aquatic Ecosystems

A recent review finds that there are significant knowledge gaps on the fate of Bt crops and their potential effects on aquatic systems and identifies several important issues for further research. […]