Right of Communities to Say “No” to Gene Drives

There is urgent need to democratise the development of new genetic technologies such as gene drives, and to continue to demand that proponents of experimental releases are obliged to obtain free, prior and informed consent. […]

Corporate-Driven Campaign to Undermine the International Agency for Research on Cancer

This commentary describes how those with economic interests are challenging IARC’s cancer evaluations, including for glyphosate, the herbicide widely used in conjunction with GM herbicide-resistant crops, jeopardizing an important public health service. […]

New Evidence Shows Monsanto’s Manipulation of Science to Hide Herbicide Risks

A fresh release of internal Monsanto and US EPA documents strengthen allegations of collusion in manipulating scientific data to suppress the real dangers of Roundup, and the EPA’s serious lack of monitoring of formulated Roundup products. […]

Court Documents Reveal Monsanto’s Efforts to Manipulate Science

Documents ordered to be unsealed by a U.S. court have revealed disturbing evidence of Monsanto’s manipulation of scientific literature and alleged collusion with an EPA official to protect its flagship herbicide, Roundup. […]

Conflicts of Interest Common in GM Crop Studies

A study has found that 40% of studies on the efficacy or durability of GM Bt crops display conflicts of interest, which was associated with higher frequency of outcomes favorable to the interests of the GM crop company. […]

Essential Features of Responsible Governance of Agricultural Biotechnologies

This paper presents five essential features to advance scientifically and socially responsible forms of governance for existing and emerging agricultural biotechnologies. […]

Bioscience for Life? Who Decides What Research is Done in Health and Agriculture?

Research funding decisions are about how to best spend public money, which institutions to support and what incentives to provide to researchers. This report investigates the shaping of science, innovation and the economy in the UK and Europe. […]

A Different Perspective on GM Food

The author raises his concern on the present understanding of genetic engineering and calls for more thorough examination of GMOs before they are introduced into the food supply. […]

Towards a New Ethics of Science

The author examines the social control of science, the nature of the science driving genetic engineering, and the relationship of science to society. She argues that there is an urgent need to reinstate independent science. […]