Gene-Editing of Rice Found to Cause Unintended Mutations

CRISPR gene editing in rice varieties caused undesirable and unintended on-target and off-target mutations, according to a recent study. […]

Unapproved GM Wheat Found in Canada, Imports Suspended by Japan and South Korea

Unapproved GM wheat from field trials conducted 20 years ago has been found growing in Canada, prompting Japan and South Korea, two major importers of Canadian wheat, to suspend imports. […]

Transgenic and Glyphosate Contamination of Processed Food and Tortillas Made From Industrial Corn in Mexico

The detection of transgenes and glyphosate in processed foods and tortillas made from industrial corn in Mexico presents a threat to a country where corn is the staple food. […]

Golden Rice 2 Carries High Likelihood of Risks Without Substantial Benefits

An evaluation of the risk assessment for IRRI’s application for food import of Golden Rice 2 in Australia and New Zealand finds flawed data, failure to show any substantial benefits, and a high likelihood of risks. […]

Golden Rice: A Perfect Example of GM Unintended Effects

Recent research by Indian scientists has shown that introducing Golden Rice transgenes had severe and unexpected effects on plant growth and yields. […]

Detrimental Genomic Effects Found in Golden Rice Offspring

Golden Rice crossed with an Indian rice variety has produced plants with stunted growth and reduced yield. These hitherto undetected effects could endanger the harvest and raise concerns about transgene spread into cultivated and wild rice varieties. […]

The Real Reasons for the Failure of Golden Rice

Two scientists examine the real causes for the failure of genetically modified Golden Rice. […]

Maize Farming in Africa is Vulnerable to Uncontrolled Spread of Genetically Modified Varieties

This publication shows that maize farming by smallholders in Africa is particularly vulnerable to the uncontrolled spread of GM varieties, due to pollen- and human-mediated gene flow. […]

Unapproved GM Wheat Discovered Again in the U.S.

GM wheat that has not been approved for sale or commercial production in the U.S has been found growing in a field in Washington state. […]

Genetic Modification of African Traditional Crops

R&D on the genetic modification of traditional crops is underway in seven African countries. This report explains how these projects are diverting resources, policies and practices, away from implementing real solutions to hunger and malnutrition. […]