Global South Activists Appeal to 7 UN Special Rapporteurs on GM Wheat

Food sovereignty alliance from Latin America, Africa, and Asia approaches seven UN Special Rapporteurs for urgent intervention to block cultivation and trade of GM wheat HB4. […]

Traditional Corn in NE Brazil Contaminated by Transgenes

A new study has found that more than a third of over 1,000 traditional corn samples collected in the semiarid region of northeast Brazil are contaminated with transgenes. […]

Concerns over Gene-edited Teff

A US research centre has created a gene-edited variety of teff which Ethiopia may take up, raising unanswered questions over its safety, ownership, and impact on local varieties. […]

Calls for South Africa to Set Aside Its Approval of GM Wheat

This briefing argues that the South African regulators failed in the exercise of their biosafety oversight role to implement the precautionary principle, in granting approval for the importation of GM wheat to enter the South African food system. […]

GM Wheat in Argentina Delivering Poor Yields

GM wheat has been approved for planting in Argentina, and for import in Brazil. However, the GM wheat is giving poor yields, around two-thirds of the average for non-GM wheat. […]

Bt Cowpea May Present Hazards to Human and Environmental Health

There are substantial deficiencies in the risk assessment of Bt cowpea approved for cultivation in Nigeria, with several issues of concern regarding the safety of the Bt toxins produced in the plants. […]

Gene-Editing of Rice Found to Cause Unintended Mutations

CRISPR gene editing in rice varieties caused undesirable and unintended on-target and off-target mutations, according to a recent study. […]

US FDA Finds Low β-Carotene Content in Golden Rice

The US FDA has found that the concentration of β-carotene in GM Golden Rice is too low to warrant a nutrient content claim. […]

Unapproved GM Wheat Found in Canada, Imports Suspended by Japan and South Korea

Unapproved GM wheat from field trials conducted 20 years ago has been found growing in Canada, prompting Japan and South Korea, two major importers of Canadian wheat, to suspend imports. […]

Transgenic and Glyphosate Contamination of Processed Food and Tortillas Made From Industrial Corn in Mexico

The detection of transgenes and glyphosate in processed foods and tortillas made from industrial corn in Mexico presents a threat to a country where corn is the staple food. […]