Review Highlights the Flaws in Artificial Genetic Modification

This paper reviews empirical evidence on how artificial genetic modification disrupts the natural genetic process of organisms and threatens their health and longevity. […]

Small RNA regulates genes in a large way

For many years, the view has been that plant and animal genes are regulated by small gene switches called promoters but it is now clear that small control sense RNA or RNAi is a universal mechanism for controlling gene action, including in bacteria. […]

Living with the Fluid Genome

A personal account on what it means to be liberated from the genetic determinist myth and to be living with the fluid genome. […]

The Human Genome Map, the Death of Genetic Determinism and Beyond

Dr Mae-Wan Ho reports on the publication of the human genome map in 2001 and assesses its implications. The findings on the nature of genes is crucial in understanding why genetic engineering is flawed and why it gives rise to serious biosafety concerns. […]

Human Genome -The Biggest Sellout in Human History

This report by Dr Mae-Wan Ho was written before the final publication of the complete human genome map in 2001. […]