New ETC Report – Who Will Control the Green Economy?

Report on corporate concentration in the life industries. […]

Out of Hand: Corporate Control of Seed Industry in the US

American farmers are feeling the effects of a concentrated seed industry. Seed options are diminishing while prices increase at historic rates. This report examines these troubling trends. […]

The Magnitude and Impacts of the Biotech and Organic Seed Price Premiums

The price of GE corn, soybean, and cotton seed has risen sharply in recent years. Seed expenditures per acre are now cutting into net farm income, and transferring earnings that used to stay on the farm to the seed industry. […]

Transgenic Seed Platforms: Competition Between a Rock and a Hard Place?

This paper analyzes the state of competition in the transgenic seed industry which is heavily dominated by biotechnology giant Monsanto. […]

Risky Business – Briefing

The financial fallout from the 2006 discovery of contamination of US rice supplies with LL601 (“Liberty Link”) could amount to between US$741,000 to US$1.2 billion. […]

Signs of Life: The Growth of Biotechnology Centers in the US

Biotechnology is a risky business, says the report. For countries, especially developing countries, which is contemplating setting up their own biotech centers this study throws light into what it takes to create a thriving and financially successful cent […]

The Economics of Biotech

Biotechnology is considered both as an industry and as a technology which will spur the development of the countries of the South and lift them out of poverty. The following article considers whether there is any justification for this. […]

Monsanto and GE – Risks to Investors

Monsanto, the world’s leader in developing and marketing GE seeds, is at a risk of financial setback if it continues with its current business focus on GE-related products, says Innovest Strategic Value Advisors in a report commissioned by Greenpeace. […]

Financial risks that GE foods pose to Kraft Foods Inc. and shareholders

An analysis showed that the company faces risks from producing GE foods that include product liability, biopharm contamination, consumer rejection and insurance industry concern, thus raises questions to its economic viability. […]