Environmental Risks from Oilseed Crops Produced Using New Genomic Techniques

This study highlights the environmental risks associated with the use of new genomic techniques (NGT) on oilseed crops, such as negative effects on pollinators and increased risk of spread and persistence of NGT plants. […]

Getting Ahead of Challenges in the Risk Assessment and Management of GM Viruses

The horizon scan of GM virus applications in this study indicates that a number of significant challenges remain in the risk assessment and risk management of GM virus applications. […]

Current Characterization of GM Plants in the EU Inadequate for Effective Environmental Risk Assessment

Current approaches for the agronomic and phenotypic characterization of GM plants in EU market applications are inadequate for risk assessors to draw conclusions on environmental risks. […]

Robust Risk Assessment Urgently Needed for All New Genetically Engineered Plants

This study analyses the potential risks of new genomic techniques (NGT) and concludes that the associated unintended impacts urgently necessitate a uniform, robust risk assessment of all NGT plants. […]

Assessing Potential Environmental Effects of Genome-Editing Applications for Plants

This review identifies important elements for robust environmental risk assessment, which need to be taken into account for a risk-oriented regulatory approach towards genome-edited plant applications in the EU. […]

A Systems Biology Approach to Assessing Potential Unintended Effects in GM Crops

Empirical evidences shows that a science-based, risk-related approach based on omics techniques can be implemented for risk assessment of GMOs, to assess potential unintended effects. […]

Current Models Assessing Gene Drives Lack Ecological Realism

Given that the effects of gene drives in the environment may be irreversible, more ecological realism is needed in models used to assist environmental risk assessments. […]

Glyphosate Directly Causes Impaired Development and Mortality in Lacewing

Lacewing larvae fed with glyphosate at concentrations below recommended application doses showed arrested development and high mortality, revealing a gap in risk assessment that does not test direct oral exposure of insects to systemic herbicides. […]

Urgent Need for Precautionary Regulation of New GE Techniques

Many potential intended and unintended effects are specific to the techniques of new GE and may result in a new quality of risks that demand independent and mandatory risk assessment. […]

GM Soy Exhibits Complex Metabolic Disturbances Under Stress Conditions

GM soybean exhibited complex metabolic disturbances under herbicide and drought stress conditions, suggesting a negative impact on plant composition, agronomic performance, and alterations in gene expression and regulation. […]