Gene-Edited Waxy Corn May Pave Way for Further Genome Edited Crops

Release of Corteva’s gene-edited waxy corn without the risk assessments and regulations required of GM crops raises serious concerns and could pave the way for future introduction of genome edited crops. […]

New Lab-Created Animal Protein Replacements Need Careful Assessment

This report calls for new food ingredients such as animal protein alternatives derived from biotechnologies, including genetic engineering, to be assessed for safety before being allowed to be used in food or placing on the market. […]

Legal Opinion Concludes that Monsanto’s Activities Impact Human Rights, Better Regulation Needed to Protect Victims

The five international judges of the ‘Monsanto Tribunal’ have presented their legal opinion and concluded that Monsanto has engaged in practices which have negatively impacted the right to a healthy environment, the right to food and the right to health […]

Conventional Breeding Outpaces Biotech Efforts to Produce Nutrient-Efficient Crops

Conventional crop-breeding techniques are outpacing high-biotech efforts in a global race to develop crops that grow well in soils depleted of nutrients. […]

New Crop Technologies for Africa Not Scale-Neutral

This paper describes how the corporate shaping of crop technology R&D has significantly shifted the technological trajectory away from smallholders’ needs and interests. […]

Where GM Crops and Foods are in the World

This report describes what, where and how much GM crops are grown in Canada and around the world and where they end up in our food system. […]

Hazardous Harvest: Genetically Modified Crops in South Africa: 2008-2012

This report provides a comprehensive update of the situation with GMOs in South Africa […]

Opposition to Biotech Giant Monsanto Growing Worldwide

Around the world, resistance against agrochemical corporations that push GMOs are gaining momentum. […]

Africa’s Green Revolution rolls out the Gene Revolution

The ‘New Green Revolution in Africa’, touted since the 1990s, has recently began to emphasise more on biotechnology due to the huge fundings from the Rockefellar and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. […]

Voices from Africa

This report challenges Western-led plans for a GE revolution in African agriculture and includes perspectives from African farmers and environmentalists on their solutions to hunger and poverty in the continent. […]