Impacts of Transgene Contamination on Small Farmers in South Africa

Transgene contamination of local seed systems and farmers’ fields in South Africa is common, but under-reported and can negatively impact agrobiodiversity, food security, farming practices, and traditional seed saving and exchange systems. […]

Game-changer for regulation of genome editing and new tech in South Africa

The South African Minister of Agriculture has made a final decision that the risk assessment framework existing for GMOs will also apply to new genetic engineering techniques. […]

Moving Beyond the Genome to Systems Thinking for African Agriculture

Call for a move beyond focusing on genome editing towards systems‐level thinking for Africa, by prioritizing the co‐development of technologies with farmers and acknowledging that seeds are components of complex and dynamic agroecological systems […]

How Power Politics Created a False Success Story of Burkina Faso’s GM Cotton

This study shows how power and undue influence by Monsanto shaped a false success story of GM cotton in Burkina Faso, by inflating benefits and hiding differential impacts and inequalities among small farmers. […]

Briefing Paper: Gene Drive Organisms: What Africa Should Know About Actors, Motives and Threats to Biodiversity and Food Systems

This paper explains the serious risks and complexities that gene drive organisms pose to human health, the environment and society, particularly in the African context. […]

GM Cotton in Africa: Battleground Between US and Chinese Capital

This report provides an overview of the GM cotton push in in East and Southern Africa, within the context of the global and regional cotton markets. […]

Concerns Over Impacts of Mozambique’s Field Testing of GM Maize

A new report provides an analysis of the changes made to Mozambique’s biosafety legislation which has consequently allowed field trials of drought-tolerant GM maize to take place, and cites concerns over biosafety and farmers’ rights. […]

Transitioning Out of GM Maize: Towards Nutrition Security, Climate Adaptation, Agro-Ecology and Social Justice

The African Centre for Biodiversity warns that to cope with drought and rising food prices, South Africa needs to urgently move away from genetically modified food and towards indigenous African crops. […]

GM and Seed Industry Eye West Africa’s Lucrative Cowpea Seed Market

This new report argues that the GM cowpea push in Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Ghana coincides with a strong interest from multinational and local seed companies to produce foundation and certified seed in West Africa. […]

Setting the Record Straight on Tanzania’s Biosafety Laws

Tanzania has recently amended its Biosafety Regulations. This statement from the Tanzania Alliance for Biodiversity clarifies that strict liability still applies to all activity involving GMOs, with an exception for researchers and research activities. […]