Containing the Risks of Escape of GM Rapeseed into the Environment

This review summarizes the cases of unintentional spread of feral GM rapeseed and makes recommendations for the effective monitoring of environmental releases of GM rapeseed as well as management to avoid environmental and agricultural perturbations. […]

Monitoring of GMOs Released into the Environment

GMO monitoring aims at detecting the occurrence of changes that could lead to adverse effects. This report proposes a framework for monitoring that includes case-specific monitoring and general surveillance. […]

GM Contamination Register Logs 396 Incidents over 17 Years

An analysis report on 17 years of data recorded in the GM Contamination Register concludes that GM contamination can occur independently of commercialisation and that detection regimes are inadequate and methodologies, inconsistent. […]

Post-Market Oversight of Biotech Foods: Is the System Prepared?

This Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology commissioned report shows that the US government has no effective system of overseeing GM crops once these crops reach the market, a regulatory gap that could pose acute problems. […]