French Health and Food Safety Agency Recommends Pre-Market Assessment of New GM Plants

The French National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES) calls for new GM plants to be assessed for health and environmental risks on a case-by-case basis before being placing on the market. […]

Precautionary Principle Central to Regulation on Plants from New Genomic Techniques

The precautionary principle must remain central in a science-based regulation in line with the existing EU laws as the prerequisite for the use of plants obtained by certain new genetic techniques. […]

EU Path of Deregulation of NGTs Carries Environmental and Health Risks

This study shows that the path of the proposal to deregulate plants made with new genomic techniques n the EU carries health and environmental risks. […]

French Food Safety Agency Says Proposal to Deregulate New GMOs Has No Scientific Basis

The French food safety agency has dismissed the European Commission’s claim that GMOs produced by new genomic techniques are equivalent to conventional plants, thereby justifying deregulating them, as having no scientific basis. […]

Experts Categorically Oppose Proposal to Deregulate New GE Plants in the EU

Experts have issued statements categorically opposing the European Commission’s proposal to deregulate plants produced with new genomic techniques (NGTs). […]

Ministers Withhold Support for EU Presidency’s Proposal to Deregulate New GMOs

Europe’s agriculture ministers have challenged the Spanish presidency’s proposal to widely deregulate GMO plants made using new genomic techniques. […]

European Scientists Say Exemption of New GM Plants from Regulation is Unscientific and Unsafe

The proposal to exempt most ‘new’ GM plants from regulation lacks scientific basis and risks citizens’ safety and should be rejected, according to the European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility. […]

Hungary Stands Firm on GM-free Agriculture

Hungary maintains its stand for GMO-free agriculture in the country, against the backdrop of proposed new regulations in the European Union on new genomic techniques. […]

Environment ministers challenge the Commission’s upcoming proposal on new GMOs

Several European environment ministers have raised concerns about the Commissions’ proposals to exclude new GMOs from the EU’s current biosafety laws. […]

Plants from New Genomic Techniques Carry Similar or Higher Risk Than Older GM Varieties

The German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation has concluded that plants derived from new genomic techniques have a similar or even greater risk potential than plants obtained from older genetic engineering techniques. […]