India’s Push for GM Mustard Called into Question

Opposition to GM mustard approval in India continues, amidst questions over biosafety data and regulatory lapses. […]

Calls to Halt Commercialisation of GM Mustard in India

India’s Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee has recommended the commercialisation of GM mustard to the Environment Ministry amidst strong opposition by farmers and civil society groups. […]

The Risks of Bt Eggplant to Human Health and the Environment

This briefing paper examines the health risks, environmental impacts, and risk of contamination associated with genetically engineered Bt eggplant. […]

International Civil Society Statement of Concern on the Commercialization of Bt Brinjal

One hundred civil society organizations from around the world have written to the authorities in Bangladesh, urging them to suspend the planned commercialization of Bt brinjal in the country. […]

Complaint Against EU Authorisation of GM Soybeans with Stacked Genes

Joint action of environmental organisations and scientists against decision of the EU Commission. […]

Soybean Production in the Southern Cone of the Americas

This report examines the expansion of soybean production in the Southern Cone of the Americas. It finds a direct link between the area under GM soybean production and increased herbicide use. […]

Problems with Contamination by GE Genes from Bt Brinjal

Bt brinjal has a high risk of crossbreeding and spreading its GE gene to its wild relatives resulting in aggressive weeds in South and South-East Asia. […]

Bt Brinjal and India’s Wake-up Call

With its first biopiracy lawsuit, India hopes to set a precedent for introducing biotech crops while conserving biodiversity and local community rights. […]

GM Bananas in South Africa: Issues and Concerns

This briefing highlights the many biosafety concerns and unanswered questions arising from the application for permission to conduct the first ever field trials in South Africa involving GM bananas. […]

Norway Mulling Over Ban on GM Potato

The Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management proposed prohibition of potato Amflora for feed and food in Norway. […]