FOEI Report: GM Crop Cultivation Nosedives Across Europe

A new report from Friends of the Earth International reveals that the cultivation of GM crops across Europe continues to decline – with an increasing number of national bans, and decreasing numbers of hectares dedicated to GMOs. […]

Does DuPont’s Sorghum Seed Include a Biopirated Bolivian Gene?

This report reveals a potential case of biopiracy involving DuPont which plans to sell Sorghum seeds that contain a gene that was illegally taken from a Bolivian plant. […]

Submission from Indian Organic Growers on the Introduction of Bt Brinjal in India

Letter from the Organic Farming Association of India to the Minister of Environment objecting to the introduction of GE Bt Brinjal in India. […]

Monsanto vs. Argentina dispute on GMO soybean

Monsanto has filed lawsuits against soy importers in several European countries which buy soya from Argentina. This article explains the reasons for the lawsuits and the possible consequences on transnational litigation. […]

Regulatory Systems for GE Crops a Failure: the Case of MON863

The peer-reviewed evaluation of Monsanto’s data shows that MON863 should not have been approved in the EU or elsewhere […]

Analysis of a Rat Feeding Study with MON863 Reveals Signs of Hepatorenal Toxicity

An independent analysis by CRIIGEN of MON863 which shows that rats fed with the GM maize exhibit toxicity in the liver and kidney. […]

Feral Oilseed Rape – Investigations on its Potential for Hybridisation

Feral oilseed rape is known to persist in the environment for a long time. This raises concern that if GE oilseed rape ran feral, their transgenes could pose as a source of GM contamination of conventional fields […]

Turning Food into Fuel: GM Drought Tolerant Soybean and its Use in the Production of Biodiesel

Soybean is viewed as a very attractive crop for the production of biodiesel. This briefing looks into attempts to develop GM soybean for that purpose in South Africa. […]

The Failure of GE Papaya in Hawaii

Introduced in Hawaii in 1998, GE papaya is facing many setbacks and the prospects for the industry is dim, thus contradicting claims of its success by the GE industry and its allies. […]

GM soybean: Latin America’s New Coloniser

In Latin America, the frontiers to soybean production are being pushed back aggressively in all directions at a breathtaking rate. The implications to farmers and communities are discussed in the report. […]