African Governments Urged to Support Non-GM Preferred Cotton Over GM Cotton

African governments are urged to support GM-free preferred cotton production which can boost farmer income and revitalize rural economies, and to reject GM cotton due to its manifold risks and failures. […]

Implications of Burkina Faso’s Phase Out of Bt Cotton

An article discusses the reasons for the failure of Bt cotton in Burkina Faso and the implications for GE crop uptake by other African nations. […]

GM Cotton’s Future in Africa on Shaky Ground

Burkina Faso has begun a phase out of GM cotton due to its poor quality. This paper discusses the likely implications for the future of GM cotton specifically, and GM crops generally, in the African continent. […]

Bt Cotton in India Falls Short from Socio-Economic and Agroecological Perspectives

Two studies have found Bt cotton in India limited in terms of socio-economic and agroecological benefits. Bt cotton in low-yield rainfed areas is not economically viable, increasing the risks of farmer bankruptcy and suicide. […]

The False Promise of GM Cotton for Africa

This article discusses the failings of commercial GM cotton production in Burkino Faso and South Africa, with smallholder GM cotton farmers impoverished due to the expense of the technology coupled with associated technological failures. […]

GE Alfalfa Contamination in the US Proves Warnings Right

Washington State Department of Agriculture confirms that samples from an alfalfa hay consignment rejected for export due to contamination with GE Roundup Ready alfalfa test positive for the trait. […]

Transgene Escape: Genetically Engineered Oilseed,Rape Out of Control – A Global Perspective

This report provides a global overview of the uncontrolled spread of genetically engineered oilseed rape in various regions of the world. […]

10 Years of BT Cotton – False Hype and Failed Promises Exposed

A report by the Coalition for GM-Free India exposes the false hype and failed promises of Bt cotton in India. […]

Transgenic Cotton Harbours Hidden Dangers

Wild cotton in Mexico has been contaminated with genetically modified material, posing a risk to biodiversity. […]

GM Cotton Genes Found in Wild Species

GM cotton genes have been found in wild populations, for the first time, in Mexico. […]