GM Canola Escapes and Persists Outside Cultivation in the US

Genetically modified canola has escaped from the farm and is thriving in the wild across North Dakota, the dominant canola growing region in the US. […]

An Overview of Bt Cotton Experience in Karnataka: 2002 to 2009

Bt Cotton has not been too positive in Karnataka where pests are emerging and pesticides use has increased. […]

ACB Objections Against GM Sugarcane Application

The ACB raised its objections against the application for field release of GM sugarcane citing lack of information and flawed assumptions. […]

GM Sugarcane: A Long Way from Commercialisation?

This paper from the African Centre for Biosafety examines GM sugar cane in South Africa, particularly in light of the current drive for agrofuels. […]

Agrofuels and the Use of Genetic Modification

Rising concern about climate change and the security of oil supplies has led to interest in the production of energy and fuels from biomass. Production is often on a large scale, using chemical-intensive agricultural practices and often includes GM crops. […]

GM Crops Ten Years On: The Undying Promise

Research on GM crops spanning ten years by the Institute of Development Studies/STEPS Centre, UK. […]

Bt Cotton and the Myth of Enhanced Yields

This article explores the myth of rising yields of Bt cotton in India and points out that genetic engineering has been at best neutral with respect to yield. […]

Another Year of Doom – Bt Cotton in AP – 2008

Bt cotton farmers in Andhra Pradesh, India suffered another year of less profits compared to non-Bt cotton farmers. […]

Cotton, Contaminated?

The report concludes that contamination from GM crops is inevitable in India, as the case with Bt Cotton demonstrates. […]

Bt Cotton: the Facts Behind the Hype

This article provide a complete picture of what happens to Bt cotton farms worldwide ten years on. […]