Mexico Defends Its Restrictions on US GM Corn with Science

Mexico has presented hundreds of academic studies that show cause for concern about human health and the threat to native corn diversity, in defense of its restrictions on GM corn from the US. […]

US Federal Court Rescinds EPA’s Approval of Dicamba Herbicide

A US federal court recently rescinded the U.S. EPA 2020 approval of the highly volatile herbicide dicamba for use on certain GM crops. […]

Opinion: The US assault on Mexico’s food sovereignty

The US government has escalated its conflict with Mexico over the latter’s restrictions on GM corn, but the Mexican government shows no sign of backing down, providing ample scientific and other justifications. […]

US EPA Proposes to Phase Out Almost All Bt Corn and Cotton Due to Insect Resistance

In an effort to stave off above-ground insect resistance, the US EPA has proposed phasing out many current Bt corn hybrids, as well as some Bt cotton varieties, in the next three to five years. […]

Lessons from GMO Contamination in Canada

GMO escape and contamination incidents in Canada provide urgent lessons that need to be evaluated and understood before any more GM plants and animals are released in the country. […]

Serious Shortcomings in U.S. Agricultural Biotechnology and Pesticide Regulation

This paper describes how and why U.S. regulators have lost track and control of pesticide risks. Shortcomings in agricultural biotechnology and pesticide regulation are identified, with suggested solutions. However, the costs to society remain sizeable. […]

Oregon Farmers Struggle to Control GE Bentgrass

GE bentgrass tolerant to Roundup is growing extensively in Malheur County, Oregon, creating huge problems for farmers who cannot control it, and exposing weaknesses in the oversight of GE plants and field testing in the United States. […]

EPA Called to Start Monitoring Synergistic Effects of Pesticides

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of the Inspector General has released a report recommending that before approving pesticides, the agency should first assess the enhanced toxicity caused by interactions of pesticide mixtures. […]

Major Upcoming Developments in the USDA’s Regulatory System on GMOs

The USDA is in the process of introducing new GMO disclosure laws and instituting fundamental changes to how it assesses and regulates GM plants as pests/noxious weeds. […]

Shocks for Developing Countries from President Trump’s First Days

His first days in office indicate that President Trump intends to implement what he promised, with serious consequences for the future of the UN, trade, the environment and international cooperation, and developing countries will be most affected. […]