Inventor of Genome Editing Technique Caught in Biosafety Violations

Unapproved and unsupervised genetic engineering experiments were carried out in the United States over a period of two years, raising serious questions about the lack of biosafety oversight. […]

US rDNA Committee Disbanded, Exacerbating Poor Oversight of GE Research

This TWN Biosafety Briefing addresses the issue of oversight of GE research in the US, with recommendations for rectifying the numerous problems. […]

Antibiotic Resistance Genes from the Lab Contaminate Chinese Rivers

Scientists have published a paper providing evidence that antibiotic resistance genes rom the lab have reached the environment in China. […]

Contained use versus release to the environment

For biosafety purposes, it is customary to distinguish between contained uses of GMOs and their releases to the environment. Mae-Wan Ho tells why. […]