Prior Societal Assessment of New GM Technologies

This journal article argues for a process of precautionary and prior societal assessment to be established as the norm for all major new GM technologies, as they have the potential to substantially impact human life and life on Earth. […]

The Precautionary Principle in Action: A Handbook

This is a guide to the precautionary principle and describe how it can be used to make preventive decisions in the face of uncertainty and to drive actions that will protect public health and the environment. […]

Late Lessons in Early Warnings — Precautionary Principle 1896-2000

This report is about gathering information on the hazards raised by human economic activities and its use in taking action to protect better the environment and the health of the species and ecosystems that are dependent on it. […]

The Precautionary Principle is Science-based

The precautionary principle is based on good science. Prof. Peter Saunders and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho look at a few of the many examples where scientific evidence has made a compelling case for the application of the precautionary principle. […]

Uso y abuso del principio Precautorio

Dr Peter Saunders, Prof of Mathematics at King’s College, London provides a clear and common sense approach to understanding the precautionary principle. This understanding is crucial in the light of the Biosafety Protocol. […]