Rapid Loss of Beta Carotene in Golden Rice

Golden Rice can lose up to 84% of its beta carotene in six months, unless preserved in refrigerated conditions in vacuum packaging as paddy, questioning its ability to alleviate Vitamin A deficiency in poor countries. […]

US FDA Finds Low β-Carotene Content in Golden Rice

The US FDA has found that the concentration of β-carotene in GM Golden Rice is too low to warrant a nutrient content claim. […]

The Ecological and Evolutionary Risks of Novel GE Oilseeds to Terrestrial Organisms

Scientists raise concerns that novel oilseed crops genetically engineered to produce fatty acids could have negative ecological and evolutionary effects on terrestrial organisms. […]

Golden Rice 2 Carries High Likelihood of Risks Without Substantial Benefits

An evaluation of the risk assessment for IRRI’s application for food import of Golden Rice 2 in Australia and New Zealand finds flawed data, failure to show any substantial benefits, and a high likelihood of risks. […]

Golden Rice: A Perfect Example of GM Unintended Effects

Recent research by Indian scientists has shown that introducing Golden Rice transgenes had severe and unexpected effects on plant growth and yields. […]

Questions Persist over the Golden Rice Campaign

Testbiotech puts forward compelling reasons as to why Golden Rice is losing credibility as its proponents continue to fail to address the burning question of whether it can actually combat VAD and the risks associated with its cultivation and consumption […]

Golden Rice and the Children of the Poor

This article provides a developing country perspective on the issue of Golden Rice, which is genetically engineered to produce betacarotene, a precursor to vitamin A. […]

Problems with Nutritionally-Enhanced Plants

This study highlights the lack of rigorous assessment and regulation of nutritionally-enhanced GM plants that could have potential harmful effects on human health. […]

GM Crops for Health?

New GM crops are being promoted for nutritional or health benefits. However, overdose of many single nutritional factors can be toxic, and hence food crops genetically modified to overproduce single nutrients could be public health hazards. […]

Genetically Engineered Rice: Not Sustainable Agriculture

Greenpeace in citing experiences of other GE crops, believe that GE rice could cause harm to the environment and could prove costly for farmers. GE rice threatens the endangered populations of wild rice in Asia and could cause long-term damage to rice div […]