GM Crops for Health?

New GM crops are being promoted for nutritional or health benefits. However, overdose of many single nutritional factors can be toxic, and hence food crops genetically modified to overproduce single nutrients could be public health hazards. […]

Genetically Engineered Rice: Not Sustainable Agriculture

Greenpeace in citing experiences of other GE crops, believe that GE rice could cause harm to the environment and could prove costly for farmers. GE rice threatens the endangered populations of wild rice in Asia and could cause long-term damage to rice div […]

The “Golden Rice”: An Exercise in How Not to do Science

A scientific critique by Dr Mae Wan Ho of the Institute of Science in Society, UK of ‘Golden Rice’ – GE Vitamin A rice. It examines the flawed scientific/social rationale of the ‘Golden Rice’, and also the explains why it poses risks. […]