Norwegian Scientific Committee Finds Many Risks with Proposed Field Trial of New GE Salmon

A risk assessment for an application to release salmon obtained from new genetic engineering techniques in an experiment in Norway had identified many risks, knowledge gaps and uncertainties. […]

Genetically Modified Animals: Ethics, Welfare and Privatization

Genetic modifications in animals accelerate the privatization of living organisms, the concentration of capital and the loss of autonomy of breeders, perpetuating an agro-industrial system. […]

Transgenic Glowing Fish Escape and Thrive in the Wild in Brazil

Transgenic glowing fish have escaped fish farms and are thriving in creeks in Brazil, posing a threat to local species by competing for food or preying on them. […]

US Court Declares FDA’s Approval of GE Salmon a Violation of Environmental Laws

In November, a U.S. District Court ruled the FDA had violated core environmental laws in approving GE salmon and ordered it to thoroughly analyze the environmental consequences of an escape of GE salmon into the wild. […]

FDA’s Analysis of Genome-Edited Cattle Show Unintended Alterations, Regulation Needed

US FDA scientists report that the gene editing process to produce hornless cattle resulted in unintended alterations at a genome-edited target site, and say this is a reason why regulatory oversight of intentional genomic alterations in animals is needed. […]

Gene Edited Farm Animals Will Threaten Human, Animal and Environmental Safety

This report reveals that the use of gene editing in farm animals poses risks to human health, the environment and animal welfare. It recommends instead the development of sustainable and ecological animal agriculture systems. […]

Genome-Edited Hornless Cattle Found to Have Unintended Antibiotic Resistance Genes

New research published by US Food and Drug Administration scientists has discovered foreign DNA inadvertently introduced into the genomes of genome-edited animals, dealing a significant blow to the biotech industry’s claims that no regulation of such organisms is necessary. […]

FDA’s Approval of GE AquAdvantage Salmon Disregards Precautionary Principle

This legal Note critiques the US FDA’s approval of AquAdvantage salmon for consumption, arguing that it did not properly vet the GE salmon, and had relied on inappropriate criteria in its approval. […]

US GM Salmon Company Fined for Regulatory Violations in Panama

A U.S. biotech company’s experimental facility for GM salmon in Panama has been heavily fined for repeated regulatory violations. […]

Genetically Engineered Salmon – Fast-Growing Hype

A new report on GM salmon scrutinises the US FDA’s problematic assessment process and also finds that the GM salmon poses serious risks to consumer health, animal welfare, fishing economies and the environment. […]