EU Risk Assessments of GM Food and Feed Found Inadequate

Testbiotech has analysed current EU standards for the risk assessment of genetically engineered plants for use in food and feed and found them to be inadequate. […]

Serious Lack of Scientific Data on the Effects of Bt toxins

Two studies which have examined the combinatorial effects of Bt toxins in stacked GM crops and the biosafety and biological effects of Bt toxins on mammals have found a serious gap in knowledge about these effects. […]

Uncertainties and Knowledge Gaps in the Environmental Risk Assessment of GMOs

A new report identifies the scientific uncertainties, knowledge gaps and research needs related to the introduction, use and environmental assessment of GMOs. […]

How Commercial Interests Can Undermine Scientific Research

The republication of Seralini et al. has exemplified a trend where commercial interests undermine the scientific process when the findings are controversial and threaten industry interests. […]

Industry Evidence on Glyphosate Residues in Crops Inadequate for Regulatory Purposes

A review of 30 studies on compositional analysis and animal feeding trials of glyphosate-tolerant GM crops has found that evidence produced by industry is of insufficient standard for regulatory purposes and does not take into account glyphosate residues. […]

A Systems-Based Assessment of GMOs Urgently Needed

A new paper recommends a systems-based approach to the assessment of GMOs, as standard risk assessments are limited and inadequate to address the range of concerns that exist. […]

Unexpected Reactions in GM Maize in Response to Environmental Stress

A new study published in the journal PLOS One has demonstrated that gene expression and content of Bt toxin in GM maize cannot be reliably predicted, particularly under stressful conditions. […]

Unintended Effects Observed in Stacked GM Maize

A recent study has found unexpected effects in GM maize stacked with herbicide-tolerance and insect-resistant trait, as compared to GM maize with only one of these traits. […]

Gene Silencing Products Set to Enter the Food and Feed Chain

New GE crops using an emerging technology called RNA interference (RNAi) are set to enter the food and feed supply chain. Scientists are questioning the serious lack of safety testing for this technology. […]

RNAi–based Pesticides and GM Crops Will Need Special Safety Testing

A peer-reviewed paper draws attention to potential hazards on nontarget species of pesticides and GMOs made with RNAi gene-silencing techniques and suggests that current toxicity testing is inadequate to assess the safety of these new technologies. […]