Transgenic Trees

A briefing highlighting the issues surrounding transgenic trees. […]

GE Trees Threaten Ecosystem Collapse

GE trees are gaining popularity in many countries for purposes such as to address deforestation or for biofuel. But some scientists and environmentalist have serious ecological and safety concerns. […]

Submission to the Convention on Biological Diversity to Consider the Impact of GE Trees

A submission by Greenpeace to the Convention on Biological Diversity to consider and assess the potential environmental, cultural, and socio-economic impacts of genetically modified trees on forest biological diversity […]

Transgenic Plum Tree Tribulations in Romania

The first genetically engineered plum trees were tested in Romania in 1996, with the support of the European Commission. Ten years later, there’s talk of destroying some. This article looks back on an experiment far from citizen’s eyes. […]

Briefing Paper on Transgenic Trees

Given the negative impacts of transgenic trees, a coalition of organisations and individuals are raising the call for a global ban on the commercial release of transgenic trees into the environment. […]

Transgenic Trees Spread Mercury Poisoning

Is moving mercury from place to place really remediation? Prof. Joe Cummins asks. […]

The Travels of a Bioengineered Gene

This is an editorial in the New York Times on the findings that genes from GE grass can travel much further than anyone had thought possible. (please also see ‘Genes from Engineered Grass Spread for Miles, Study Finds’) […]

Genes From Engineered Grass Spread for Miles, Study Finds

A new study shows that genes from genetically engineered grass can spread much farther than previously known, a finding that raises questions about the straying of other plants altered through biotechnology. […]