GM Mosquito Releases in the Caymans Risky and Ineffective

New information shows that the releases of GM mosquitoes in the Cayman Islands by Oxitec are risky and ineffective in their bid to suppress wild populations of disease-bearing mosquitoes and should be halted pending further investigation. […]

USDA Approves First Trials of GE Diamondback Moths, Avoids Full Environmental Impact Statement

In the face of the USDA’s approval of the first open-air trials of GE diamondback moth in upstate New York, civil society is calling for a halt to the trials, citing the lack of a full environmental impact assessment and public hearings. […]

Animal Feed Vitamin Supplement Contaminated by Illegal GE Bacteria

A strain of illegal GE bacteria was found in riboflavin vitamin supplements imported from China to Germany for animal feed use, highlighting the need for a database of detection methodologies for all GMOs used, both in contained use and field trials. […]

Questioning the Expansion of GM Mosquito Releases in the Cayman Islands

Plans to expand releases of GM mosquitoes in the Cayman Islands in 2017 raise important questions about cost-effectiveness, scientific protocols, risk assessment and public consent. […]

The Risks GM Insects Will Impose on Organic Farmers

A study has examined the potential intended and unintended impacts of the mass release of GM insects on organic farmers, finding that this is likely to impose uncertainty on individual farmers and the agricultural industry as a whole. […]

Assessing the Risks of GM Crops to Soil Microorganisms

This review discusses the factors that should be considered in the assessment of the risks of GM plants to soil microorganisms, the limitations of current research methods, and the prospects for better biosafety assessment. […]

Press Release; Court Documents Reveal Oxitec’s Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes Could Cause Increased Numbers of Different Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes

GE mosquito company Oxitec has admitted a major risk of its technology – reducing one mosquito species may increase the numbers of a second disease-carrying species. […]

FDA’s Review of GE Mosquito Release in Florida Comes Under Public Critique

More than 270,000 people have raised concerns over the US FDA’s review of Oxitec’s planned release of genetically engineered mosquitoes in Florida. […]

Genetic Control is No Answer to Zika (or Dengue)

This article, written by an entomologist and mosquito vector control expert, argues why genetic modification of mosquitoes is no answer to mosquito-borne diseases. […]

Proposed Release of GM Moths Fraught with Unaddressed Risks

This report explains why the proposed field release of GM diamondback moths in New York is fraught with flaws, risks, missing safeguards and insufficient regulation. […]