The Seed Industry’s Questionable Golden Rice Project

This report takes a critical look at ‘Golden Rice’, which aims to combat vitamin A deficiency. […]

Implications of Commercial Release of GM Maize in México

Key issues and the potential implications that approval of GM maize in Mexico may have for food security, agricultural biodiversity and the right to food. […]

Serious Concerns Over Possible Approval of Large-Scale Planting of GM Maize in Mexico

The possible imminent approval by the Mexican government of the large-scale, commercial planting of GM maize in Mexico is raising serious concerns. […]

GM Nitrogen Fixing Cereals: No Silver Bullet

This GM Freeze report questions GM nitrogen fixing cereals, as the complex genetics involved make these unlike to work and may affect yields […]

Long Term Toxicity of a Roundup Herbicide and a Roundup-Tolerant GM Maize

Worrying new results about the health impacts of the widely-used Roundup herbicide and the Roundup tolerant GM maize NK603 (cultivated with or without Roundup) have just been published. […]

Potential Health Risks of GM Wheat

Expert scientists have warned that a wheat genetically modified using new dsRNA-mediated silencing may pose health risks. […]

GM Wheat Outcrosses Six Times More Than Non-GM

Recent research found the high likelihood of outcrossing of GM wheat to other plants raising concerns over increased incidences of contamination by GM crops. […]

Bt Corn Linked to Soil Ecosystem Threat

Bt corn can be harmful to the overall health of soil ecosystems, says study. […]

Mexico – Deep Concerns over GE corn

Concerns run deep over threat of GE corn. […]

Insect Experts Issue ‘Urgent’ Warning On Using GM Seeds

A group of scientists are urging farmers to stop planting GE corn with a certain gene because it will no longer protect them from the corn rootworm. […]