The High Costs of Pesticides to Society

A review of scientific evidence about the impact of organic food on human health reveals that pesticides in food leads to loss of lifetime income due to lower IQs associated with prenatal exposure, and recommends organic agriculture for better health. […]

Climate Change Can Increase Spread and Hardiness of Bt-Resistant Crop Pests

Two studies examine the impacts of climate change on insect resistance to Bt crops, finding accelerated spread of Bt-resistant pests in the US and increased tolerance to cold temperatures in China. […]

Review Finds GM Plants Have Adverse Environmental Impacts

A review of scientific literature on the environmental risks of GM plants has found evidence of adverse impacts on the environment such as the emergence of herbicide and insecticide tolerance, and disturbed biodiversity. […]

First Study to Link Glyphosate Use to Declines in Monarch Butterfly Populations

New research provides the first empirical evidence linking glyphosate application and reductions in the populations of monarch butterflies in Illinois, USA, during the period 1994-2003, the initial phase of large-scale GM herbicide-resistant crops. […]

Adverse Effects of Glyphosate on the Soil and Environment After 20 Years

After 20 years of intensive use, research finds that glyphosate and its primary metabolite AMPA are frequently detected in ground and surface waters and in some marine environments, with adverse effects on biological organisms and their functions. […]

GM Herbicide-Resistant Crops Have Adverse Impacts on Biodiversity

A technical report by the German, Austrian and Swiss governments on GM herbicide-resistant crops shows that they have not increased yields, but instead have increased herbicide use and have damaging impacts on biodiversity. […]

2,4-D and Dicamba Found to Have Lethal and Sub-lethal Effects on Lady Beetles

As weeds develop resistance to glyphosate, GM crops resistant to the 2,4-D and dicamba are poised to enter the market. However, these herbicides and the formulations containing them can cause lethal and sublethal effects on beneficial insects. […]

GM Delivers No Advantage in Crop Yields After 20 Years

A new analysis has found that GM crops in the US and Canada have shown no discernible advantage in yields nor led to an overall reduction in the use of chemical pesticides when measured against non-GM varieties in Western Europe. […]

Largest-Ever Study of GE Crops and Pesticide Use Finds Negative Environmental Impact in the U.S.

The largest-ever study on GE crops and pesticide use in the U.S. has found that adopters of GE glyphosate-tolerant soybean and maize have used increasingly more herbicides than non-adopters to deal with the proliferation of glyphosate-resistant weeds. […]

More Research Needed on the Effects of Bt Crops on Aquatic Ecosystems

A recent review finds that there are significant knowledge gaps on the fate of Bt crops and their potential effects on aquatic systems and identifies several important issues for further research. […]