GE Crop Performance in the US Questioned

A new research study questioning the main claims of the benefits of GM crops has sparked intense interest and attention. […]

Farmer’s Choice of Seeds Constrained by GM Crop Adoption

Study finds that “GM is neither the obvious way to increase yields nor is its introduction consistent with increasing agricultural biodiversity through cultivar diversity”. […]

GM a Failing Biotechnology in Modern Agro-ecosystems

This paper finds that the adoption of GM seed used in north American staple crop production are lowering yields and increasing pesticide use compared to western Europe, which is largely non-GM. […]

Socio-Economic Aspects in the Assessment of GMOs: Options for Action

A recent study by the Environment Agency of Austria discusses the socio-economic aspects of the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). […]

Consequences of Commercial GMO Cultivation in the US

A new report makes recommendations to the EU after finding many negative consequences of 20 year of commercial GMO cultivation in the US. […]

Indian Government Urged to Halt GM Adoption

The Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture asked the Indian government to stop all field trials and sought a bar on GM food crops. […]

Genetically Modified Organisms – A Summary of Potential Adverse Effects Relevant to Sustainable Development

This report examines the potential impacts of GMOs on the achievement of sustainable development and emphasizes that the potential impacts of GMOs take place along their life cycle and value chain. […]

The Norwegian Gene Technology Act and Socio-Economic Considerations

Factsheet produced by the Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management on the Norwegian Gene Technology Act as it relates to socio-economic considerations. […]

Bolivian Position on Socio-Economic Considerations

The Bolivian position on socio-economic considerations in the context of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety provides a summary of socio-economic concerns related to GMOs and highlights the knowledge gaps and capacity building needs. […]

Threats to the Food Security and Food Sovereignty in the Eastern Cape – Impact of GMOs and Cash Crops

Impacts of the Massive Food Production Programme, GMOs and cash crops in four villages in the Amathole District Municipality. […]