Risks of GM Crops Engineered to Utilise RNA Interference

TWN Biosafety Briefing_Risks of RNAi crops


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Risks of GM Crops Engineered to Utilise RNA Interference

We are pleased to highlight a new TWN Biosafety Briefing focusing on GM crops engineered to utilise RNA interference. Such GMOs present a unique set of risks as compared with those generated with classical transgenic approaches.

This briefing covers the latest developments in the field of RNA interference that highlight the potential for RNAi GM crops to cause adverse effects, and the incomplete testing that has been performed thus far to address such concerns, using MON87411 as an example. MON87411 maize is glyphosate-tolerant and expresses a Bt toxin as well as a non-protein-coding RNA designed to downregulate a specific gene in the target corn rootworm pest. 

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