Biotec Trade Watch

Genetic engineering, agricultural trade, terminator technology, biological safety – what is at stake, when more then 130 delegations of governments meet in Curitiba/South Brazil this month? The Members of the Convention for the Biological Safety (so called Cartagena Protocol) come together for the third time, March 13th to 17th.

The Web-Side publishes videos and information about the negotiations and side events. The topics of the meeting will be explained. We will produce video-clips with interviews of persons from all stakeholders.
The Church Development Service EED, Germany, together with the Berlin video project kanalB have put together an international team of reporters. They produce the video clips, publish texts and news to inform about the background of various topics of the Conference, and about activities of the Organisations of Civil Society, which take place alongside the Conference. The material will be presented in three languages: German, English and Portuguese.

Have a look! The videos, to be read by format “real-player”, can be downloaded from by everyone for your further use.

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