Bringing Horizon Scanning, Technology Assessment and Monitoring into the Future Work of the CBD

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26 November 2022
Third World Network

Dear Friends and Colleagues

Bringing horizon scanning, technology assessment and monitoring into the future work of the CBD

A new briefing from ETC Group and Friends of the Earth calls on delegates to the upcoming UN biodiversity meetings in Montreal (3-19 December, 2022) to continue the CBD’s long and world-leading commitment to precaution.

In order to equip Parties to act in a responsible and precautionary manner, decisions are needed to move ahead critical work on horizon scanning, technology assessment and monitoring of new and emerging technologies – especially modern biotechnologies. The briefing includes specific text recommendations to help delegates integrate these concerns into the CBD outcomes on the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework and the agenda item on Synthetic Biology.

The briefing is available in English and Spanish.

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Third World Network



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