Virtual Informal Session of SBI-3 Considers Implementation of CBD and its Protocols

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16 March 2021
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Dear Friends and Colleagues

Virtual informal session of SBI-3 considers implementation of CBD and its Protocols

The CBD’s Subsidiary Body on Implementation (SBI) held a virtual informal session from 8-12 March and 14 March 2021. This was not a formal meeting or a virtual negotiation, as there has been no agreement yet on moving forward in this manner. Some developing countries are concerned that formal virtual negotiations will be inequitable, disadvantaging poorer countries with limited capacity and resources and without good internet and technical capability, while posing challenges for regional and other coordination.

The SBI’s core functions and areas of work are (a) review of progress in implementation; (b) strategic actions to enhance implementation; (c) strengthening means of implementation; and (d) operations of the convention and the Protocols.

TWN made statements on the following agenda items, including one delivered on behalf of the CBD Alliance, representing the civil society major stakeholder group at the CBD:

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