CBD Parties Urged to Regulate Synthetic Biology

The CBD has adopted a significant decision which urges Parties to take a precautionary approach to synthetic biology, and to effectively regulate environmental release of any organisms, components or products resulting from synthetic biology techniques. […]

Synthetic Biology Could Open a Whole New Can of Worms

Parties to the CBD are meeting in Peyeongchang, S.Korea from 6-17 Oct 2014. CSOs are calling for a moratorium on the environmental release and commercial use of synthetic biology, due to the lack of safety assessments and potential socio-economic impacts. […]

Call for Precautionary Approach to Synthetic Biology

This briefing calls for a precautionary approach to synthetic biology and recommends that CBD Parties establish a moratorium on the environmental and commercial release of Synthetically Modified Organisms and assess their livelihood implications. […]

Civil society statement for the FAO Technical Consultation on Low Levels of GM Crops in International Food and Feed Trade

Civil society statement on low levels of GM crops in international food and feed trade calls for preservation of zero tolerance for unapproved GM crops. […]

Developing Countries Propose TRIPS Amendment to Fight Biopiracy

A large group of developing countries has proposed that the WTO’s intellectual property agreement be amended to require the disclosure of origin of genetic resources and/or associated traditional knowledge in patent applications. […]

Nagoya Protocol: Analysis and Implementation Options for Developing Countries

A research paper by the South Centre analysing the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing of Genetic Resources and its reference to developing countries. […]

“Milestone” Virus/Benefit-Sharing Agreement with Shortcomings

A milestone is reached at the WHO on an agreement governing the sharing of influenza viruses and resulting public health benefits including vaccines and diagnostic kits. […]

The Nagoya Protocol and Pathogens

This is a Policy Brief by the South Centre on the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing and the issue of microorganisms. […]

De facto Moratorium on Geoengineering Adopted by CBD Parties

In a landmark decision, the UN conference on biodiversity adopted a de facto moratorium on geoengineering projects and experiments on 29 October 2010. […]

Biodiversity Convention Adopts Landmark Decisions; Doubts Prevail on ABS Protocol

The UN conference on biodiversity which ended on 30 Oct 2010 adopted more than 40 decisions, including a new legally binding agreement to combat biopiracy. […]