Biodiversity Convention Adopts Plan for Benefit Sharing for Genetic Sequences

Parties to the CBD have adopted a decision on sequence information of genetic resources that sets in motion a plan intended to lead to an important decision at their next meeting in two years’ time. […]

Biodiversity Convention Considers Genetic Sequence Data and Benefit Sharing

Negotiators at the CBD meeting in Cancun, Mexico are working to resolve tough issues surrounding how to share benefits from the use of genetic sequence data from plants, animals, microbes and other biodiversity. […]

160 Global Groups Call for Moratorium on New Genetic Extinction

A wide spectrum of 160 civil society organisations and networks have called for a global moratorium on the controversial genetic extinction technology known as “gene drives”. […]

UN Biodiversity Conference to Debate Synthetic Biology, Financial Resources Mobilization

The issue of synthetic biology, which cross cuts the Convention on Biological Diversity, Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety and Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit-Sharing, will be among the most hotly debated issue at the UN Biodiversity Conference. […]

TWN Briefings for UN Biodiversity Conference #1

Synthetic biology is transforming access to genetic resources. This paper explains the implications of genetic sequence data and calls on Parties to the CBD to take action to ensure that benefit-sharing is not undermined. […]

Ensuring Adequate International Oversight of Synthetic Biology

This briefing paper outlines the 5 key actions that need to be taken by Parties to the CBD and Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, in order to ensure that there is adequate international oversight of synthetic biology. […]

CBD Parties Urged to Regulate Synthetic Biology

The CBD has adopted a significant decision which urges Parties to take a precautionary approach to synthetic biology, and to effectively regulate environmental release of any organisms, components or products resulting from synthetic biology techniques. […]

Synthetic Biology Could Open a Whole New Can of Worms

Parties to the CBD are meeting in Peyeongchang, S.Korea from 6-17 Oct 2014. CSOs are calling for a moratorium on the environmental release and commercial use of synthetic biology, due to the lack of safety assessments and potential socio-economic impacts. […]

Call for Precautionary Approach to Synthetic Biology

This briefing calls for a precautionary approach to synthetic biology and recommends that CBD Parties establish a moratorium on the environmental and commercial release of Synthetically Modified Organisms and assess their livelihood implications. […]

Civil society statement for the FAO Technical Consultation on Low Levels of GM Crops in International Food and Feed Trade

Civil society statement on low levels of GM crops in international food and feed trade calls for preservation of zero tolerance for unapproved GM crops. […]