Documents for Liability and Redress Meeting, Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety


Putting it all together: The Preferred Operational Texts Combined
01 February 2008

The following constitutes the texts Greenpeace has suggested in its
summary and analysis table for the 5th meeting, combined so delegates
can see what the whole document may look like at present.

Supplementary Collective Compensation Arrangements: A Fund Mechanism for
Damage Caused by LMOs: Need, Function and Structure
01 February 2008

This document addresses basic questions concerning the need for and
adoption of a fund mechanism to ensure compensation for victims and
restoration of the environment/biodiversity in cases of damage caused by
LMOs that cannot be otherwise guaranteed under rules and procedures
developed by the Working Group on Liability and Redress. Existing
mechanisms, both nationally and internationally are noted, followed by
an explanation of basic essential elements of fund mechanisms. The
Greenpeace suggested text for the establishment of a fund is then
provided. Finally, this document provides options for inclusion of
supplementary compensation in the form of a fund mechanism in a
comprehensive international regime on liability and redress under the
Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety.

Brief Backgrounder for the Fifth Meeting
01 February 2008

This briefing document sets out some central issues for the fifth
meeting to be held in Cartagena from March 12-19. It is accompanied by
two more detailed documents: ? an analysis and summary table which
analyses the Working Draft released in February. The table is an updated
version of the table distributed last October, and sets out the issues
and suggests some answers, in an effort to clarify the document and the
process, and to serve as a resource during the meeting, and ? a
compilation document, which puts all the suggested optional texts
together into one document, so readers can get an overview of the work
done so far. Also we refer to the Backgrounder and the Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ) documents prepared for the Fourth meeting in Montreal.

Analysis and Summary Table for the 5th Meeting: Explanation and
Reconciliation of Revised Working Draft: Recommendations and Suggested Text
01 February 2008

This table is offered to assist delegates for the fifth meeting in March
to help delegates to find relevant text in the new Revised Working
Draft, to view proposed solutions and texts, and to update the previous
Greenpeace table prepared for the 4th meeting in October. The table is
based on the Revised Working Draft and the revised blueprint which is
reproduced in an Annex to the Working Draft as well as the Annotated
Agenda. It also refers to the final report from the 4th meeting.

(The documents are also available on this website at the link below)

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