GM Wheat in Argentina Delivering Poor Yields

GM wheat has been approved for planting in Argentina, and for import in Brazil. However, the GM wheat is giving poor yields, around two-thirds of the average for non-GM wheat. […]

Bt Cowpea May Present Hazards to Human and Environmental Health

There are substantial deficiencies in the risk assessment of Bt cowpea approved for cultivation in Nigeria, with several issues of concern regarding the safety of the Bt toxins produced in the plants. […]

Transgenic Glowing Fish Escape and Thrive in the Wild in Brazil

Transgenic glowing fish have escaped fish farms and are thriving in creeks in Brazil, posing a threat to local species by competing for food or preying on them. […]

Decolonizing and Democratizing Food Knowledge Systems

While evidence of the transformative potential of agroecology, regenerative approaches, and Indigenous foodways already exists, action is needed to overcome the politics of knowledge that keep these approaches from being understood, taken up, and acted upon. […]

Damaging Dicamba Drift and Worsening Weed Resistance with GE Crops

The cultivation of GE crops resistant to dicamba is causing US farmers more problems from damage from dicamba drift and an increase in herbicide-resistant weeds. […]

The Financialisation of Malaria in Africa: Burkina Faso, rogue capital & GM /gene drive mosquitoes

This paper shows how malaria, along with other diseases, is increasingly financialised – financial markets, institutions, actors and motives play a pivotal role in disease response, including in the case of GM/gene drive mosquitoes. […]

Containing the Risks of Escape of GM Rapeseed into the Environment

This review summarizes the cases of unintentional spread of feral GM rapeseed and makes recommendations for the effective monitoring of environmental releases of GM rapeseed as well as management to avoid environmental and agricultural perturbations. […]

“Democratic Deficit” of Public Deliberation over Novel Organism Releases

This article reviews the need for and the challenges to opening up regulatory processes for gene edited and gene drive organisms to outside experts, stakeholders, and publics. […]

Transgene Flow into Maize Landraces in Brazil

A study has found that 34% of samples of Brazilian maize landraces contained GM maize proteins, demonstrating the challenge of keeping transgene flow in check. […]

How Agroecology is Bringing Land Back to Life in Africa

This book show how agroecology nurtures soil health, conserves biodiversity, and restores dignity to Africa’s small-scale food producers. […]