Successful Ecological Agriculture Experiences in Developing Countries


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Re: Successful ecological agriculture experiences in developing countries
A wealth of experiences from Asia, Latin America and Africa shows that ecological agriculture is best placed to meet the needs of small farmers in developing countries.
A growing body of evidence – both academic and data and analysis available from development programmes – demonstrates that
such sustainable approaches can be highly effective in boosting production, incomes and food security; supporting soil and water conservation, on-farm biodiversity and crop health; reducing vulnerabilities and improving resilience to natural disasters and climate change; lowering greenhouse gas emissions; and empowering communities.
Many thousands of communities around the world are already benefiting from sustainable farming but they need more support and, above all, these approaches need to be scaled up. The active involvement of farmers’ organizations in changing the policies needed to ensure their success is also important.
The following reports are available:
* Climate Resilient Sustainable Agriculture: Experiences from ActionAid and its partners (available at
* Agroecology and Advocacy: Innovations in Asia (by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and
the Asian Farmers’ Association for Sustainable Rural Development; available at
* Healthy Harvests: The Benefits of Sustainable Agriculture in Africa and Asia (by Christian Aid; available at
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