New Book: GMOs in Africa

GMOs in Africa: Food and Agriculture. Status Report 2007


The African Centre for Biosafety has the pleasure of launching our new book titled GMOs in Africa: food and agriculture: Status report 2007. This booklet is the 4th in our Biosafety, Biopolitics and Biopiracy Series.

ISBN: 978-0-620-40099-2

By: Shenaz Moola and Victor Munnik
Edited by: Mariam Mayet and Rose Williams
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Acknowledgements: This publication has been made possible as a result of the combined support of EED, HIVOS and NORAD. The ACB also extends its gratitude to Stephen Greenberg for his early research contributions.

About the Book:

The book provides an overview of the current status of genetic engineering using transgenic techniques in Africa’s agriculture and food systems. It provides a synopsis of the current situation in Africa, an analysis of the key issues and trends, regional overviews and country by country status reports.

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