The promises of new and emerging biotechnologies receive continuing attention and promotion. Many governments place high hopes in the new technologies to deliver development. Policy papers and public statements refer to modern biotechnology, genomics, proteomics, and increasingly, nanotechnology.

For developing countries and countries with economies in transition, this raises fundamental questions of development priorities, technology choices and availability of financial and human resources.

There is much to learn from the experiences of developed countries. This includes: the growth of the pharmaceutical, agriculture and chemical (seeds and agro-chemicals) industries and their shaping of the investment climate and consumer market; the evolution of intellectual property standards and rules; the experiences of ?biotechnology clusters? in the United States upon which many developing countries are drawing lessons; the commercial interest in microorganisms and their derivatives such as enzymes and other biomolecules.

Future GE Developments Remain Risky

This report examines future developments in agro-biotechnology and genetic engineering and warns, with supporting evidence, that these technologies are complex, failure-prone and linked to uncertainties and risks. […]

Reports Show Corporate Control Entrenched in Global Food Chain

Two reports illustrate the overwhelming extent of corporate control over food and agriculture and provide evidence to show the inability of this dominant industrial model to feed a world in (climate) crisis. […]

Gene Giants Seek “Philanthrogopoly”

A new report by the ETC Group exposes how six multinational biotechnology companies control agriculture research globally, and what they seek to do to placate anti-trust regulators and soften opposition to GMOs. […]

Seed Giants vs. US farmers

This report documents how the current seed patent regime in the US has led to consolidation and control of global seed supply and how these patents have abetted corporations to sue US farmers for alleged seed patent infringement. […]

Hazardous Harvest: Genetically Modified Crops in South Africa: 2008-2012

This report provides a comprehensive update of the situation with GMOs in South Africa […]

Opposition to Biotech Giant Monsanto Growing Worldwide

Around the world, resistance against agrochemical corporations that push GMOs are gaining momentum. […]

New ETC Report – Who Will Control the Green Economy?

Report on corporate concentration in the life industries. […]

Genetically Engineered Food: An Overview

This report assesses the US experience with genetically engineered crops and concludes that these crops have not lived up to expectations. […]

Conflict of Interest and Results of Studies on GMOs

This study in the journal Food Policy concludes that financial or professional conflict of interest influences the outcome of articles published in peer-reviewed journals on GMOs. […]

HEAVY HANDS – Monsanto’s Control in South Africa

Activists submitted this report to the Competition Commission to request for an investigation into Monsanto’s extraordinary market power in South Africa. […]