Game-changer for regulation of genome editing and new tech in South Africa

The South African Minister of Agriculture has made a final decision that the risk assessment framework existing for GMOs will also apply to new genetic engineering techniques. […]

Global South Activists Appeal to 7 UN Special Rapporteurs on GM Wheat

Food sovereignty alliance from Latin America, Africa, and Asia approaches seven UN Special Rapporteurs for urgent intervention to block cultivation and trade of GM wheat HB4. […]

French Food Safety Agency Says Proposal to Deregulate New GMOs Has No Scientific Basis

The French food safety agency has dismissed the European Commission’s claim that GMOs produced by new genomic techniques are equivalent to conventional plants, thereby justifying deregulating them, as having no scientific basis. […]

Diversified Cropping Systems Yield Multiple Benefits

This study in China demonstrates the benefits of diversified cropping systems, namely, improved grain and protein yields, soil health and livelihoods, along with greenhouse gas emission reductions. […]

Robust Risk Assessment Urgently Needed for All New Genetically Engineered Plants

This study analyses the potential risks of new genomic techniques (NGT) and concludes that the associated unintended impacts urgently necessitate a uniform, robust risk assessment of all NGT plants. […]

New Studies Suggest Glyphosate Exposure Linked to Increased Risks for Humans

Two new studies provide evidence suggesting links between exposure to glyphosate, widely used in conjunction with GM herbicide-resistant crops, and increased risks of mortality and cancer in humans. […]

American Chestnut Foundation Withdraws Support for Defective GE Chestnut Tree

The American Chestnut Foundation has decided to withdraw its support for an experimental GE chestnut tree which has demonstrated growth and fertility problems and failure to resist blight. […]

Experts Categorically Oppose Proposal to Deregulate New GE Plants in the EU

Experts have issued statements categorically opposing the European Commission’s proposal to deregulate plants produced with new genomic techniques (NGTs). […]

Failing Efficacy of Glyphosate Shows Silver Bullets for Weed Control Don’t Exist

The short-lived success of glyphosate for weed control in North American GE corn and soybean production systems serves as a cautionary tale. […]

Norwegian Scientific Committee Finds Many Risks with Proposed Field Trial of New GE Salmon

A risk assessment for an application to release salmon obtained from new genetic engineering techniques in an experiment in Norway had identified many risks, knowledge gaps and uncertainties. […]