Current Models Assessing Gene Drives Lack Ecological Realism

Given that the effects of gene drives in the environment may be irreversible, more ecological realism is needed in models used to assist environmental risk assessments. […]

Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Pesticides and Climate Change with Agroecology

Pesticides contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions while climate change is expected to increase pesticide application. Agroecology is the solution to breaking this vicious cycle. […]

Environment ministers challenge the Commission’s upcoming proposal on new GMOs

Several European environment ministers have raised concerns about the Commissions’ proposals to exclude new GMOs from the EU’s current biosafety laws. […]

Tactics Used to Manipulate Science to Promote Glyphosate

This report illuminates the tactics Monsanto used to manipulate the science for decades, and how it attacked scientists and journalists who raised concerns about its top selling herbicide, glyphosate. […]

India’s Push for GM Mustard Called into Question

Opposition to GM mustard approval in India continues, amidst questions over biosafety data and regulatory lapses. […]

Study Finds Glyphosate Exposure Linked to Urinary Oxidative Stress in Humans

Major new US government study finds a positive association between glyphosate exposure and urinary oxidative stress, a key characteristic of carcinogens, in humans. […]

Baseless Claim that Gene Edited Plants and Animals Do Not Contain Foreign DNA

This article explains why assertions that GM gene-edited plants and animals don’t contain any foreign genetic material in their genomes are baseless. […]

Moving Beyond the Genome to Systems Thinking for African Agriculture

Call for a move beyond focusing on genome editing towards systems‐level thinking for Africa, by prioritizing the co‐development of technologies with farmers and acknowledging that seeds are components of complex and dynamic agroecological systems […]

Agroecology can Help African Farmers Survive the Climate Emergency

This publication highlights how African farmers are beginning to implement long-term, agroecological solutions to Africa’s climate crisis and calls for support of these, instead of false solutions. […]

Glyphosate Directly Causes Impaired Development and Mortality in Lacewing

Lacewing larvae fed with glyphosate at concentrations below recommended application doses showed arrested development and high mortality, revealing a gap in risk assessment that does not test direct oral exposure of insects to systemic herbicides. […]