Bringing Horizon Scanning, Technology Assessment and Monitoring into the Future Work of the CBD

New briefing from ETC Group and Friends of the Earth calls on delegates to the upcoming UN biodiversity meetings in Montreal (3-19 December, 2022) to continue the CBD’s long and world-leading commitment to precaution. […]

Updated Briefing Note on Target 7 (pesticides) of the Post-2020 GBF

Briefing note from Pesticide Action Network UK and the Third World Network addressing the pesticides aspects of Target 7 of the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF). The analysis is on the ‘streamlined’ text proposed by the Informal Group on the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework. […]

Updated Briefing Note on Target 17 (biosafety) of the Post-2020 GBF

TWN briefing note on Target 17 of the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF). Target 17 is the biosafety target and would apply to all Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity. The analysis is on the ‘streamlined’ text proposed by the Informal Group on the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework. […]

Confronting the Profiteers of Destructive Industrial Agriculture

There is urgent need to end the fossil-fuel based and chemical-reliant industrial agriculture model and to invest more ambitiously in an agroecological transition. […]

Growing Threat of GE Trees to Forest Ecosystems and Communities

The release of GE trees would pose serious threats to forests and other ecosystems, as well as to many local communities and Indigenous peoples. […]

Scientists Oppose Calling Gene Editing “Precision Breeding”

A group of international scientists and policy experts have published a statement opposing the use of the term “precision breeding” to describe gene or genome editing. […]

Overwhelming Evidence Supports Phase Out of Herbicide-Tolerant GM Crops

This report looks at the economic, environmental and social impacts of 25 years of growing herbicide-tolerant GM crops and concludes that the increasing failure of these crops provides an opportunity to phase out their use and adopt more sustainable technologies. […]

Human Rights Key to Protecting Biodiversity

The Global Biodiversity Framework will succeed only to the extent that it guarantees the rights of indigenous peoples, peasants, and other smallholder food producers, while putting the world’s food systems on a path toward agroecology. […]

New Book: Bt Crops Past Their Sell-By Date: A Failing Technology Searching for New Markets?

This new publication flags the potential pitfalls associated with the push by Bt crop backers to make market inroads into developing countries for a technology of questionable effectiveness and durability. […]

Changes in ‘Keystone Genes’ May Disrupt Entire Ecosystems

This recent study shows how changes in a single ‘keystone gene’ can have far-reaching consequences for ecosystems, an issue of relevance for new GE techniques. […]